Arthropod Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Purdue is a leader in insect genetics and genomics advances in molecular biology are helping to address age-old questions, and new tools allow questions that were previously impossible to ask about the relationships between phenotypes and genotypes. The research interests of our faculty in this area are as follows:


Grzegorz Bu​czkowski

Behavioral ecology and genetics of ants

Virginia Ferris

​​Applied nematology and molecular systematics and phylogenetics of nematodes and insects

Catherine Hill

Genetics and genomics of arthropod vectors of disease

Greg Hunt

Honeybee behavioral genetics

Larry Murdock

Biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology of stored grain pests

Jonathan Neal

Insect toxicology and physiology

Brandon Schemerhorn

Population genetics of Hessian fly

Jeffrey Stuart

Insect molecular genetics and genomics


J​amal Faghihi