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Entomology Major



The Entomology major is a general curriculum in insect science that will prepare you for a professional career in many areas, including:

  • Research
  • Public health
  • Medical entomology
  • Teaching
  • Environmental avenues

You will take courses focusing on insect structure and function, behavior, ecology, and diversity and identification, as well as obtain a strong background in math, science, and the humanities. 

Entomology Minor

Plan of Study

Plan of Study

Students obtaining a minor in entomology will have taken a variety of courses in insect biology, identification, and management designed to give them a broad overview of the science of entomology. To obtain a minor, students must take at least 17 credit hours of designated entomology courses.


Forensics Minor

Plan of Study

Plan of Study

To obtain this minor, students must complete 10 credits of core Forensics Sciences courses (ENTM 21800, ENTM 31800, and ENTM 41800) plus an additional 9 credits of course work from the designated list.



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