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Department Seminars​



Seminar Topic

August 25
Jen Zaspel


August 31
Ian Kaplan



September 1
Larry Bledsoe



September 8


September 15
Ian Kaplan



October 6
Paola Olaya Arenas


October 14
Osmun Award winner


October 20
Ulianova Vidal-Gomez




October 27
Mike Scharf


November 3
Ian Kaplan


November 10
Paola Olaya Arenas


November 17
Jeff Holland




Gavin Svenson
Cleveland Museum of Nat. History


Fiona Goggin
University of Arkansas
****SMTH 131


Nick Seiter
University of Arkansas



.Cliff Sadof


Kathryn Ingerslew
Postdoc, Purdue University



Steve Malcolm
Western Michigan University


Barry Pittendrigh
Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Katja Poveda
Cornell University




James Cuda
University of Florida


Ana Pineda
Netherlands Institute of Ecology


Karen Oberhauser
University of Minnesota


Derek Johnson
Virginia Commonwealth University



Overhauling the praying mantis classificaiton system to understand their evolution


 Molecular and phenomic analysis of herbivore resistance in plants

Management of the invasive kudzu  bug in the southeastern United States



Dr. Strangelove, How I learned to stop worrying and love the emerald ash borer

A sheep in wolf's clothing: non-lethal parasitoid wasps contribute to aphid suppression through behavioral interactions


Why do monarch butterflies


From research to outreach: a systems perspective


 Natural habitats improve yields: how landscape complexity can increase yield through arthropod-mediated ecosystem services


Recent advances in biological weed control: a Florida perspective 


Microbe-plant-insect interactions:
from single strains to microbiome management


Science-based conservation for monarchs: a collaborative effort


Patterns and underlying theory of gypsy moth invasion in North America: past insights and future direction






































Seminars scheduled on Thursdays at 3:45 PM in the Roy L. Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research, Room 116.

****Osmun Award seminar in PFEN 241 - Deans Auditorium

Refreshments at 3:15 PM unless noted otherwise.




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