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Eileen M Luke

Ctr for Environmental/Regulatory Info Sy 

  • Director / CERIS

Agriculture Information Technology 

  • Director / CERIS

Awards & Honors

(2014) Bravo Award. Department of Entomology.

(2014) Outstanding Service Award. Department of Entomology/Purdue University.

(2010) Special Recognition. USDA/APHIS (United States Department of Agriculture/Animal Plant Health Inspection Service).

(2010) USDA NIFA Team Award - Innovative Program Models. United States Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Selected Publications

Luke, E. (2006). The National Plant Diagnostic Network. The American Phytopathological Society Plant Disease, 90(2), 128-136.

Stack, J., Bostock, R., Hammerschmidt, R., Jones, J., & Luke, E. (2014). National Plant Diagnostic Network:Partnering to Protect Plant Systems. Plant Disease, 98(6), 708-715.

Luke, E. (2005). Epidemiology Developments in the NPDN.

Luke, E. (2004). National Plant Diagnostic Network - Monitoring National Data in Real Time.

Hill, M., & Luke, E. (2014). National Repository - Accomplishment Summary Reports. (14-Mar). Retrieved from

Gregory, N., Hill, M., & Luke, E. (2014). National Repository - One Name for Fungi Updates. (14-Dec). Retrieved from

Hill, M., & Luke, E. (2014). NPDN IT/Diagnosticians Meeting. (14-Nov). Retrieved from

Hill, M., & Luke, E. (2014). Pest Threshold Report Updates. (14-Jul). Retrieved from

Luke, E., & Hill, M. (2013). How to search for Sentinel Plant Network Data in the National Repository. (Vol. 8 Issue 10). Retrieved from

Luke, E., Gregory, N., & Hill, M. (2013). Incorporation of the Standard Scientific Name for Fungi into the National Repository. Retrieved from