Botany and Plant Pathology Seminar Series
Semester:  Fall 2015

Wednesdays at 3:30 pm
Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research (WSLR) - Room 116 (unless noted)

 Seminar Series

8/26/2015Dr. Phillip San MiguelHorticulture & Landscape ArchitecturePurdue University"Purdue Genomics Core Services - Make the Power of NextGen Sequencing Work for Your Project:
9/2/2015Dr. Gumukh JohalBotany & Plant PathologyPurdue University"Next Generation Mutagenesis in Maize and Beyond: Converting a Biological Handicap into an Opportunity with Endless Implications for Genetics, Genomics & Breeding"
9/9/2015Dr. Aardra KachrooDepartment of Plant PathologyUniversity of Kentucky"Plant Defense Signaling- A Coordinated Effort of Proteins & Metabolites"
9/16/2015Dr. William SchneiderForeign Disease - Weed ScienceUSDA - ARS"Building a Better Magnet: Tools for Finding the Diagnostic Needles in Metagenomic Haystacks"
9/23/2015Dr. Talo Pastor-CorralesResearch Plant PathologistUSDA - ARS"A Disease Resistance Strategy to Manage Common Bean Diseases Caused by Highly Variable Pathogens in the Americas and Africa"
9/30/2015Dr. Matthew SmithDepartment of Plant PathologyUniversity of Florida"The Pecan Truffle (Tuber lyonii) - Early Attempts to Understand & Commercialize a Native North American Truffle Species"
10/7/2015Dr. Dae-Jin YunDepartment of BiochemistryGyeongsang National University, Korea"Cross-talks Between the Control of Flowering Time and the Response to Salinity Stress in Plant"
10/14/2015Dr. Richard FerrieriBiological, Environmental & Climate Sciences DepartmentBrookhaven National Laboratory“Leveraging Isotopic Tracers and Imaging in the Model Grass, Setaria Viridis, to  Unravel the Mechanisms for Plant Growth Promotion Via Associative N2-Fixing Rhizobacteria”
10/21/2015Dr. Leonor LeandroDepartment of Plant Pathology & MicrobiologyIowa State University"Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome: Searching for Management Tools from Gene Pathways to Crop Diversification"
10/28/2015Dr. Bruce McDonaldDepartment of Plant PathologyUniversity of Zurich“The Genetic Basis of Pathogen Adaptation in Agroecosystems”
11/4/2015Mr. Chao-Jan LiaoDepartment of Botany & Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityCANCELLED
11/11/2015Ms. Chelsi AbbottDepartment of Botany & Plant PathologyPurdue University"The Effect of Adjuvants on Apple Disease Management"
11/18/2015Dr. Joseph FlahertyDepartment of BiologyCoker College“Integrating Strategic Partnerships, Education, & Outreach to Foster a Research Culture at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution”
12/2/2015Mrs. Mary Lehmkuhl-LutzBotany & Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityCANCELLED
12/2/2015Dr. Amanda DeeringFood SciencePurdue University"The Dark Side of Salad: Internalization and Movement of Human Pathogenic Bacteria in Plants"
12/9/2015Dr. David MackeyDepartment of Horticultural & Crop ScienceThe Ohio State University"Studies of Model & Crop Plants Reveal Molecular & System Level Functions of a Conserved Family of Bacterial Virulence Proteins"

* In partial fulfillment of requirements for M.S.
** In partial fulfillment of requirements for Ph.D.

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