Botany and Plant Pathology Seminar Series
Semester:  Spring 2015

Wednesdays at 3:30 pm
Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research (WSLR) - Room 116 (unless noted)

 Seminar Series

1/14/2015Dr. Gustavo Caetano-AnollesDepartment of Crop SciencesUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign"Computing the Origin and History of Modern Biochemistry"
1/21/2015Dr. Richard FerrieriPlant Imaging & BiochemistryBrookhaven National LaboratoryCANCELLED
1/28/2015Dr. Leonie MoyleDepartment of BiologyIndiana University"Trait and Genome Evolution in Wild Tomatoes"
2/4/2015Dr. Andrea GallavottiWaksman Institute of MicrobiologyRutgers University"Molecular Mechanisms of Maize Architecture"
2/11/2015Dr. Adam DavisDepartment of Crop SciencesUniversity of Illinois"Cropping System Diversification Balances Productivity, Profitability and Environmental Health"
2/18/2015Dr. Michael FreelingDepartment of Plant and Microbial BiologyUC-Berkeley"Gene and Pan-Genome Regulatory Consequences of Whole Genome Duplication Studied in Plants"
2/25/2015Dr. James WestwoodDepartment of Plant Pathology, Physiology, & Weed ScienceVirginia Tech"mRNA Exchange Between the Parasitic Plant Cuscuta and Its Hosts: A New Form of Plant Communication"
3/4/2015Dr. Thomas IsakeitDepartment of Plant Pathology & MicrobiologyTexas A&M University"The Story of Cotton Root Rot in Texas: Where We've Come From & Where We're Going"
3/11/2015Dr. Brian ShawDepartment of Plant Pathology & MicrobiologyTexas A&M University"Do Membrane Domains Control Cell Growth in Fungi?"
3/25/2015Dr. Ernest DelfosseDepartment of EntomologyMichigan State University"Can Do vs. Will Do: Predicting Ecological Host Range of Pathogens and Arthropods in Biological Control"
4/1/2015Dr. Jim KernsDepartment of Plant PathologyNorth Carolina State University"An Adventure in Keeping Grass Green: A View of Turfgrass Pathology in NC"
4/8/2015Dr. Amy CharkowskiDepartment of Plant PathologyUniversity of Wisconsin"Participatory Variety Trials on Organic Potato Farms in the Midwest"
4/15/2015Mary Lehmkuhl-LutzDepartment of Botany & Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityCANCELLED
4/22/2015Nadia AtallahDepartment of Botany & Plant PathologyPurdue University"Identifying Genes Potentially Involved in Sex Determination in Ceratopteris Richardii"
4/29/2015Teeratas KijpornyongpanDepartment of Botany & Plant PathologyPurdue University"A Secret Story of Smuts: Finding the Patterns Using Phylogenomics"

* In partial fulfillment of requirements for M.S.
** In partial fulfillment of requirements for Ph.D.

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