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Fred Whitford

Botany and Plant Pathology 

  • Coordinator Purdue Pesticide Program
Lilly Hall Room G-446
915 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054

Awards & Honors

(2013) Honorary Master Farmer. Indiana Prairie Farmer and Purdue University.

(2012) Frederick L. Hovde Award of Excellence in Educational Service to Rural People of Indiana. Indiana Farm Bureau.

(2012) Purdue University Outstanding Extension Faculty/Specialist Award. Purdue University.

(2011) Outstanding Extension Faculty/Specialist Award. Purdue Cooperative Extension Service.

(2009) Award of Achievement. Midwest Regional Turf Foundation.

(2009) Senior Recognition Extension Specialist Award. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Association.

(2008) Award of Achievement. Midwest Regional Turf Foundation.

(2005) Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association Team Award, 2005. Soybean Rust Team. Purdue Cooperative Extension Service.

(2004) Agriculture Team Award as member of Turf Science Program. Purdue University.

(2004) Distinguished Service Award. Indiana Arborist Association.

Selected Publications

Patton, A., Whitford, F., Weisenberger, D., Hardebeck, G., Trappe, J., & Smith, K. (2013). Calibrating Ride-on Pesticide Sprayers and Fertilizer Spreaders: Keys to Application Accuracy, 56.

Whitford, F. (2013). For the Good of the Farmer: A Biography of John Harrison Skinner, Dean of Purdue Agriculture (Vol. First). West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press.

Martin, D., & Whitford, F. (2013). Can a national job analysis serve as a basis for individual state certification exams? Answers from a national pesticide applicator exam development project. Journal of Pesticide Safety Education. Volume 15:1-16.. Journal of Pesticide Safety Education., 15, 1-16.

Whitford, F., Nowaskie, D., Peas, B., Sink, D., Fuller, E., Bunn, G., . . . Smith, K. (2013). Steel tanks for Storing and Transporting Pesticides and Fertilizers, 72.

Whitford, F., Nowaskie, D., Buckmaster, D., Turner, S., Hawkins, S., Schaefer, K., . . . Smith, K. (2013). Tires for the Road and Field: A Guide to Getting the Best Value and Performance, 84.

Whitford, F., Downey, S., Bower, B., Feinberg, R., Wise, K., Camberato, J., . . . Smith, K. (2012). Addressing Customer Questions and Complaints: The Basics Every Agricultural Retail Employee Should Know, 60. Retrieved from

Whitford, F., Nowaskie, D., Hawkins, S., Busdeker, D., Depoister, M., Queen, S., . . . Smith, K. (2012). Extracting Stuck Equipment Safely: How to Avoid Expensive and Painful Incidents, 96. Retrieved from

Whitford, F., Hipkins, P., Nowaskie, D., Linscott, D., Martin, A., Obermeyer, J., . . . Beestman, G. (2012). Measuring pesticides: overlooked steps to getting the correct rate, 52. Retrieved from

Whitford, F., Drummy, B., Schrier, J., Gunter, D., Lester, D., & Smith, K. (2012). The aftermath of a farm truck accident: lawsuits, settlements, and court proceedings, 36. Retrieved from

Whitford, F., Hawkins, S., Bowman, K., Walker, P., Obermeyer, J., & Smith, K. (2012). The tractor hitch pin: a critical component in keeping control of implements, 68. Retrieved from