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Andrew G Martin

Botany and Plant Pathology 

  • Curriculum Development Specialist - Purdue Pesticide Programs

Selected Publications

Martin, A., Reed, L., Whitford, F., & Becovitz, J. (2009). Professional continuing education for commercial applicators: A case study in standard setting. Journal of pesticide safety education, 11, 10-Jan. Retrieved from http://www/

Martin, A., & Whitford, F. (2008). Pesticide applicator certification tests: Validation and the limits of score meaning. Journal of Pesticide Safety Education, 10, 6-Jan.

Bricker, J., Martin, A., Janssen, C., & Whitford, F. (2004). Are all these rules necessary? Extension programming with a regulatory purpose. Journal of Extension, 42(5). Retrieved from

Tucker, M., Drake, T., Scott, J., Martin, A., Gardner, R., Wixted, D., . . . Devaux, M. (2006). A model process for developing effective, integrated pesticide applicator training manuals and licensure tests. Retrieved from