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As a freshman entering the department, I was able to begin working in a lab. I was given the opportunity to design and conduct my own research experiment under the guidance of Dr. Kevin Gibson. Currently I am working to design a second project and I could not be more excited. The undergraduate research opportunities in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology are just one of the many aspects that make this department an amazing place to be a part of!
Undergraduate StudentEnvironmental Plant StudiesYes
5/1/2009 5:54 PMNo
I get to work in a lab for my advisor.  I would suggest, if you would like experience (or need some extra cash) finding a professor who is working on something you are interested in.  This is quite easy, and they are more than willing to have undergrads help in the lab.  This could encourage you to do your own research project someday, or maybe you’ll just like washing dishes for some money to get pizza on the weekend!
Undergraduate StudentPlant BiologyYes
5/1/2009 5:59 PMNo
I am currently a professional intern in the Epcot Plant Science program for the Walt Disney World Company. You know I must be doing something right because they recently offered me a chance to continue with their program for another six months, making my internship a yearlong experience.
I also have found a professor at the University of Florida who is very interested in taking me on as a master’s graduate student. There, I will work on a project that focuses on specific fungal interactions within local tree stands.
I thank everyone in the department for everything they did for me during my years at Purdue. It will be nearly impossible to replace all of them as I move forward with my education and career
Fred BeckmanAlumniB. S. in Plant BiologyYesWalt Disney World2008Professional Intern
5/7/2009 1:13 PMNo
The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology has been a great place for my first year at Purdue. The department is small enough that students get a lot of attention and plenty of opportunities. The faculty have an interest in what the students do and are very encouraging of students.  Scheduling problems often occur as classes fill up or one needs to switch out of a class. I have had problems with filled up classes or needing to find alternate courses and the staff have always been able to help me the moment I ask.
The students are tight-knit and there are plenty of chances for interactions between others with the same interests. Botany club brings together many of the students in the department and those from other departments with an interest in plants. The department also has frequent chances to bond with cookouts and other events. It has been a great beginning, and I look forward to the future.
Undergraduate StudentPlant BiologyYes
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology Outstanding Freshman, 2009
400 Club
5/7/2009 3:21 PMNo
An amazing aspect of the Botany and Plant Pathology program is the freedom of choice you have in choosing classes. I have taken classes from many College of Agriculture departments and from departments in other colleges. I have taken classes in agronomy, horticulture, entomology, science, foreign languages, and philosophy. So, while the concentration is plant biology, botany students will not be stuck in such classes every semester of every year. This freedom allows you to expand your knowledge base and become a much more complete student and person.
Undergraduate StudentPlant BiologyYes
5/7/2009 4:10 PMNo