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Botany Courses: BTNY 20400

Course Number

BTNY 20400


The identification by sight of plant mounts and seeds of over 200 crops and weeds is taught. The first eight weeks, which covers restricted weeds, prohibited noxious weeds, common weeds, and seed diseases, can be taken for one credit; the last eight weeks covers cereals, grass and legume forages, and legume crops. The list of species to be studied for two credits is obtained from the Intercollegiate Crops Judging Manual. The species to be covered for one credit include the above-listed weeds and additional weed specimens pertinent to the weeds contest. The use and origins of the species are discussed briefly. Suggested course in preparation for AGRY 30500 Seed Analysis and Grain Grading.


1 or 2


Spring Semester





Course Name

Crop and Weed Identification




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