Purdue Herbaria

The Arthur Fungarium and the Kriebel Herbarium are located in the Lilly Hall of Life Sciences at Purdue University (Room G-447). The Arthur Fungarium (PUR) specializes in collections of the Pucciniales, or rust fungi (formerly the Uredinales), while the Kriebel Herbarium (PUL) contains non-rust fungi, vascular plants, lichens, algae and bryophytes. We have over 200,000 specimens across both collections dating as far back as 1769​.

For more information on each collection, including holdings, history and current projects click on a collection logo below.

Joseph C. Arthur Fungarium
The Joseph C. Arthur Fungarium (PUR)​​​​​
Specializing in Pucciniales
(formerly Uredinales - the rust fungi)
Ralph M. Kriebel Herbarium
The Ralph M. Kriebel Herbarium (PUL)
Covering the vascular plants, algae,
bryophytes and other fungi

"From a scholarly point of view, a herbarium is its own excuse for being, not only as a collection of plants that once lived, but as an edifice built by the curiosity and care of hundreds of individuals.  In some ways, the collections resemble those ancient churches in Sicily, where the Greek columns were joined by Roman arches, topped with Saracen domes, and finished with baroque facades. Like such churches, a herbarium summarizes history. It records​ the human effort to penetrate the mysteries of nature, and the attempts of individuals to construct from apparent chaos an orderly system of thought."


Loan Inquiries

We are working on making our collection information available online, in the mean tim​e please contact us​ for questions or loans inquiries.​​​

Information for Visitors

The Purdue University Herbaria are open to the visitors Monday to Friday, except public holidays, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., twelve months a year. All visitors are requested to make arrangements at least two weeks prior to their visit (contact us)​. Please refer to our Vistor Policy​ for more details. 



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