Global Plants Initiative

Global Plants is Here. Go Exploring! 

​The largest of its kind, Global Plants is a community-contributed database that features more than two million high resolution plant type specimen​ images and other foundational materials from the collections of hundreds o​​f herbaria around the world. It is an essential resource for institutions supporting research and teaching in botany, ecology, and conservation studies. Through Global Plants, herbaria can share specimens, experts can determine and update naming structures, students can discover and learn about plants in context, and a record of plant life can be preserved for future generations.

More information about the GPI ​can be found on the Global Plants About Page, along with Purdue's Partner Page.

JSTOR Global Plants Partner 

A total of 398 type specimens of vascular plants from the Eli Lilly Collection​ at the Kriebel Herbarium were recently databased and imaged by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne in 2012 as part of the Global Plants Initiative, they can be found through the JSTOR Search.​