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How to apply to biochemistry at Purdue


A few tips to keep in mind as you are applying for admission as a biochemistry major at Purdue: Most importantly, the Department of Biochemistry at Purdue University is in the College of Agriculture! Many students are surprised by this fact. If you are curious about the historical reasons for our department being in the College of Agriculture, please see
Even though we are part of the College of Agriculture, it is important to note our program does not require coursework in agriculture.  However, our students benefit from the College of Agriculture’s strong tradition of advising students to help them succeed.
Additional strengths of our program include:
·       Small program size (<120 students)
·       Individual attention from professors (faculty to student ratio 1:7)
·       Flexible curriculum, including electives, and optional pre-med and pre-vet concentrations
·       100% participation in undergraduate research
·       Active Biochemistry Club with members engaged in service learning activities involving science education
·       Two of Purdue’s top graduating seniors in the past three years (2013 Ross Award winner, 2011 Roberts Award winner) have been from our program!
It is critical that you remember that the Department of Biochemistry is in the College of Agriculture when you apply because Purdue’s application will ask you to first specify the college in which you are interested before allowing you to pick a major.  At this point, you MUST select “College of Agriculture” to apply to our program.  If you pick another college, you will not be able to select our department and will instead apply to another program.  We would miss you, and you would miss the benefits offered by our department!