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Bharat Mankani

Bharat Mankani

 Bharat Mankani


Graduate Student
(765) 494-4881

Hi, my name is Bharat Mankani and I am from Hyderabad, India. My biggest inspiration and support is my family and I am the first scientist in my family of business men.

I received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry as well as a Master of Science in chemistry with a minor in biology from Texas A&M University Kingsville (TAMUK). I got exposed to mass spectrometry by my former mentor Dr. Sajid Bashir and I have been fascinated by the growing applications of it ever since.

I also enjoy learning the biological aspect of chemistry. In the winter of 2008 I had an internship at Cornell University under the supervision of Dr. Jocelyn Rose where my task was to identify protein localization by cloning genes from Ababidopsis thalania and transforming them into onion cells. In the summer of 2008 I had an internship at Gene Tech in India, where I learned to diagnose common genetic disorders in South Asia. From January 2011 until I entered the Ph.D. program in the Department of Chemistry at Purdue I worked at Promega Corporation in Madison, Wisconsin where I was involved in chemistry development and validation of kits used in nucleic acid purification.

I joined the chemistry Ph.D. program in fall 2011. When I learned about Dr. Andy Tao’s research I knew in an instance that I wanted to join his research group. Tao lab sits on the intersection of chemistry and biology. Many of the projects include development of newer analytical techniques for detection of cancer cells and drug delivery. I expect to broaden my understanding in analytical chemistry and biochemistry by learning the latest techniques in protein analysis using the state of the art high resolution mass spectrometry.

When I am not in the lab working, I enjoy playing squash and racquet ball, going horseback riding, biking, and listening to music.