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 Jessica Schoenherr (2009-2011)


My exposure to the Purdue Graduate Student Government came in 2005 when as a rotation student I was given the opportunity to attend one of the meetings as a proxy for the current senator Anindya Chatterjee. I had never experienced an official meeting like that before and I enjoyed the opportunity to learn what PGSG does for graduate students.


After completing my preliminary examination and deciding that after graduate school I would like to be aspire to a leadership/business role, the current senator Christie Eissler (2008-09) convinced me to volunteer to help with the PGSG Career Fair committee. The career fair was a success and I enjoyed being involved. Christie decided to step down that year so when the department held the spring ‘call-out’, I volunteered and was chosen to replace her for the 2009-10 school year and I will continue next year as well.


Over this past year I have learned that PGSG does a lot for Purdue's graduate students and most graduate students have no idea what they do. PGSG participates in various campus committees that decide on important issues like health insurance, parking, hiring of the new VP of Human Relations and Dean of Agriculture. PGSG was involved in reducing the graduate student fees by almost half, which I am sure all graduate students liked, but don't know why it was done. I am currently the chair of the PGSG Career Fair committee, which has given me a great opportunity to develop my project management skills for the future and has provided me with excellent contacts for future employment and even a job offer.


Overall, being a PGSG senator will not only look good on my resume/curriculum vitae, but it provides me the opportunity to help fellow graduate students and be active at Purdue. There are a lot of activities on campus and being the senator helped me stay informed and aware to life outside of the laboratory. I would highly encourage other students to get involved!