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Amir Mir


 Amir Mir


Graduate Student
(765) 494-1615

My name is Aamir Mir and I am from Pakistan. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree from Lawrence University located in Appleton, Wisconsin. My undergraduate major area was biology-chemistry, but I also took many diverse courses including philosophy, physics, political science etc. and enjoyed them a lot. . During my undergraduate studies, my research topic was ‘microRNA targets of Angiogenin’. It was this project that introduced me to scientific research in biochemistry and molecular biology.

RNA biology is one of my favorite areas in biology and I found when I visited the Department of Biochemistry at Purdue that many faculty members have an expertise in this area. I liked that the department was small and well connected, but was part of a large institution with collaboration opportunities. These are the reasons why I chose Purdue over all of the other institutions I interviewed with.

After joining Purdue in the fall 2011, I rotated in several labs and picked Dr. Barbara Golden’s lab as my permanent lab. Our lab studies the catalytic RNAs (ribozymes) using structural techniques such as X-ray crystallography and a variety of kinetic analyses. Currently, I am beginning my work on small catalytic RNAs to understand their structure and function.

Away from lab, I love playing/watching soccer and football. I also enjoy watching movies, listening to music, travelling and hanging out with friends.