The Department of Biochemistry is a vibrant research community with widespread, multidisciplinary collaborations. We offer both undergraduate and graduate programs with emphasis on research excellence in broad areas of science. The field of biochemistry has historically focused on molecular dissection of biological molecules and cellular pathways. Our current faculty build upon this classical approach, using cutting-edge approaches ranging from genome-wide transcriptional analyses, state-of-the-art mass spectroscopy, and x-ray crystallography in a variety of model systems including bacteria, fungi, plants and fruit flies. These approaches allow our researchers to link real world problems such as energy production and human disease prevention to defects in basic molecular processes, tackling the most pressing issues in society.


Research​ News

Clint Chapple and his lab members' study on the interactions between the phenylpropanoid and glucosinolate pathways in Arabidopsis is published in Plant Cell.

Xiaoqi Liu's lab's study on low doses of metformin and a gene inhibitor known as B12536 and their effects on prostate cancer tumors was published in Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Andy Tao and Chief Technology Officer Anton Iliuk received an NIH STTR grant for their company Tymora Analytical Operations, LLC for a project entitled, Metal ion-functionalized soluble nanopolymers: A new analytical platform for plasma proteomics”.  

Joe Ogas received an NSF grant for his proposal, “Understanding the contribution of the PICKLE ATP-dependent remodeler to expression of H3K27me3-dependent loci in Arbidopsis”.

Natalia Dudareva, distinguished professor of biochemistry and horticulture, was awarded the 2014 Purdue Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award.

Mark Hall's lab's work on enzymes that help fix cancer-causing DNA defects was published in Molecular Cell.

Clint Chapple and his lab members publish discovery in Nature that could yield more efficient plants for biofuels.

PLOS Biology reports work by Beth Tran and her lab members on the function of long non-coding RNAs in yeast.


Department News

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Undergraduate Emily Erickson wins prestigous Churchill Scholarship. Featured in Purdue Today.

Undergraduate Peter Mercado-Reyes featured in Agriculture Magazine for his involvement with iGEM.

Biochemistry undergraduate program received accreditation from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).

Biochemistry program offers well-rounded education in science. Featured in AgriNews.

Undergraduate Andjela Djokovic explains her tra​nsition into the United States. Featured in The Exponent.

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