How Ag Research Can Help

Beyond developing the story and the science, you must attend to many other components of a grant to give your proposal a competitive edge. The ARP team offers a full range of services; you choose what you need based on your expertise and desire for support. Whether you’re new to campus and need to understand and create these documents for the first time, or have experience but want support developing the documents, we’re available to help.

Basic grant development

  • Crafting a concept to search for a funding opportunity—the RFA (request for application)
  • Responding to an existing RFA to meet the 4 Cs—compelling, creative, convincing, concise
  • Budgeting and budget justification
  • Developing ancillary documents (Current & Pending documents, CV formatting, Conflict of Interest, etc.)
  • Developing management plans, data management plans, milestone documents, and timelines
  • Graphics development
  • Submission of documents through or FastLane
  • Post-awardprocesses including business office procedures, lab setup, hiring, ongoingmilestone management​

Team building for integrated grants

Many grants today are integrated. In general, an integrated grant requires you to reach outside your area of expertise to include other scientists, colleges, Extension, Education, Centers of Excellence or other institutions to produce the desired goals of the RFA.

We can help you build a truly integrated grant that demonstrates the cohesiveness of the team, even if the team was created only for this project.

Building the strongest team possible to produce the biggest impact requires connections:
    • Across the college and other Purdue colleges.
    • With Centers of Excellence.
    • At other institutions.
​Managing the team during the proposal development process involves:
    • Timeline development to meet RFA deadline.
    • PI support to meet proposal timeline milestones.
    • Coordination of team meetings—on campus, by phone, off campus.
    • Team minutes captured and disseminated.
    • Graphics development.

Concept-based BIG IDEA team building

Being positioned to respond quickly to trends in funding can save significant time and energy when the “ideal” RFAs are announced. An individual or a faculty team generates BIG IDEA teams, which integrate players from across the college, university, and external institutions, usually in advance of knowing what RFAs are being released.

These BIG IDEA teams are concept-based and focus on trends that faculty see as future funding opportunities. When RFAs are released, the team is ready to deploy either the entire team or part of it toward an opportunity.

The ARP team is able to:

  • Help you explore concepts and how to position the team so that is broad enough to tackle RFAs from a wide variety of agency needs (e.g., sustainable aviation biofuels, biomaterials for use in food and drug delivery, precision farming).
  • Build multi-college, multi-institutional teams around a BIG IDEA, so when RFAs are announced, relationships are already built and the team is poised to respond quickly.
  • Seek potential funding opportunities.
  • Coordinate and create proposals that fulfill on the mission of the BIG IDEA.

Other services

  • Meeting and team facilitation. It’s a challenge to stay on topic and on time when you are wearing both the scientist and team leader hats. Let us help you design and facilitate your meeting(s) to produce the result you want.
  • Strategic planning to ensure the team stays engaged on the critical activities.
  • Agenda development and management to ensure that concepts flow within the meeting and between meetings (related to strategic planning).
  • Meeting logistics; for large meetings, this could include travel, lodging, food, etc.
  • Team-building exercises.
  • Coaching for team leaders, allowing them to expand their thinking beyond that of “scientist” to include CEO, COO, etc.
  • CV and document formatting.

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