About ARP

students in labAgricultural Research at Purdue (ARP) brings together scientists, students, and many others to impact the lives of people in Indiana, the nation, ​and the world. Our common goal is to achieve outcomes in agriculture that benefit people everywhere.

​Purdue researchers work across disciplines and engage partners from industry, other academic institutions, non-government organizations, and state and federal government. They ask and answer questions about these strategic themes that guide our efforts:

  • ​Building a sustainable and secure food production system
  • Utilizing molecular approaches to expand the frontiers of agriculture and life sciences
  • Developing a robust bioeconomy to feed and power the world
  • Enhancing food and health
  • Strengthening ecological and environmental integrity in agricultural landscapes
  • Facilitating informed decision making to improve economic and social well-being

This site is designed to help research faculty, industry representatives, graduate students, and other visitors find useful information that facilitates agricultural research. As you will see in the comprehensive resources found here, collaboration and innovation abound in Ag Research at Purdue.download arp brochure

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