​Recent Presentations​

"Big Data" in Agriculture
Convergence for Smarter Agriculture
Katy Martin rainey, Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics
Jennifer Neville, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics
February 26, 2015

Agricultural Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Convergence for Smarter Agriculture
John Sullivan, Professor of Aeronatuics and Astronautics
Melba Crawford, Association Dean of Engineering for Research and Professor Agronomoy
Katy Martin Rainey, Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics
February 19, 2015

Advanced Sensors in Crop Production and Protection​
Convergence for Smarter Agriculture
Ron Turco, Professor of Agronomy
Ali Shakouri, Professor of ECE
Babak Ziaie, Professor of ECE
February 12, 2015

Automation in Agriculture - Robotics in the Real World​
Convergence for Smarter Agriculture
Peter Hirst, Professor of Horticulture
Eric Matson, Assistant Professor of CIT
Johnny Park, Research Assistant Professor of ECE
February 5, 2015

Brown Bag Seminar Series: Pre-Award Services​ (PDF)​
Amy Wright, Agriculture Pre-Award Manager
September 10, 2013

Building Your Global Reputation with International Activities: How IPIA Can Help (PDF)
Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer, Associate Dean and Director
International Programs in Agriculture Purdue University
August 28, 2013

Agricultural Development​ (PDF)
Dana Boggess, Program Officer, Agricultural Development
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
December 18, 2012

Steve Ellis, Division of Integrative Organismal Systems, NSF
October 24, 2012

​Jeanette Thurston, USDA-NIFA
July 27, 2012