Faculty/Staff Accomplishments and Impact Reporting (FAIR)

Purdue faculty and staff use FAIR (Faculty/Staff Accomplishments and Impact Reporting) to record and report publications, awards/honors, patents, plan of work, and impact statements. This information is used in reports provided to the College of Agriculture and Purdue University as well as to the federal government to validate the use of federal funding. All faculty and staff in the Colleges of Agriculture, Health and Human Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine who are supported by federal formula dollars—Hatch, SmithLever, Animal Health, and McIntireStennis—are required to report to FAIR.

College of Agriculture faculty and staff may select and order the information that is displayed on their FAIR profile page. Oncampus faculty/staff are asked to provide the following information within the reporting periods listed, some of which are based on the calendar year and others on the federal funding calendar.

  • ​Scholarly publications (from Januar 1 to December 31)
  • Awards and honors (from January 1 to December 31)
  • Plan of Work (POW) reporting (from October to September 30)
  • Impact statements (from October 1 to September 30)