Purdue University Agricultural Research
Assistantship Support for Tenure-Track Assistant Professors


The Agricultural Research at Purdue (ARP) Food and Agriculture Research Assistantships are awarded each year on a competitive basis in an effort to support new tenure-track Assistant Professors as they establish their research programs by providing funding for graduate student research.  A primary purpose of this program is to develop and promote research ideas which can be developed into proposals for extramural funding.  Important areas of research not having access to outside sources of funding will be considered, however. 



  • Only tenure-track Assistant Professors in the Colleges of Agriculture, Health and Human Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine who have been members of the Purdue University faculty for less than three years as of October 1, 2013 and are eligible for federal formula funding support, e.g., Hatch, Animal Health, or McIntire-Stennis.
  • Faculty who apply for ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantships MUST prepare and have an approved Hatch, Animal Health, or McIntire-Stennis project that is consistent with the mission areas of USDA-NIFA. Any exceptions to this will be managed on a case-by-case basis and faculty should contact Dr. Marshall Martin to discuss. More information on NIFA’s priority areas may be found at: http://www.csrees.usda.gov/about/background.html.
  • A tenure-track Assistant Professor may receive only one ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantship during his/her first three years of employment at Purdue University.


General Information:

  • Individual Assistant Professors may submit only one proposal.  Proposals are due electronically to ARP before 5:00 PM on Monday, November 4, 2013.
  • The ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantship stipend amount will be $18,500 per year. Funds will be available July 1, 2014.  Assistantships are awarded for one year, but may be renewed for a second year pending written confirmation by the PI that the graduate student has made satisfactory research progress. No detailed budget page is necessary since these funds are intended for graduate student assistantship support.
  • The stipend may be used for MS or PhD student assistantships. The proposal should clearly describe the research role of the graduate student supported by this ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantship. What will they do and what learning outcomes do you expect from them?
  • The ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantships may be activated after July 1, 2014, but no later than June 30, 2015.  Funds will be released to the departmental business office when the PI informs ARP that they have selected a graduate student and wish to activate the assistantship.
  • Awards are limited to ARP-affiliated departments and to tenure-track Assistant Professors with an ARP appointment on an approved USDA-NIFA Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, or Animal Health (federal-formula) research project.  If an Assistant Professor does not have an approved federal-formula project, one may be developed at the time of application for the ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantship or prior to an award.  However, assistantship funds will be released only after approval of the federal-formula funded research project.

Evaluation Criteria: (see reviewer evaluation sheet for more information)

Proposals will be ranked based on the overall quality and scientific merit of the proposal.  Reviewers will evaluate the appropriateness of the project for a graduate student and the feasibility of completion within the two-year timeline of the assistantship.  The role or contribution of the graduate students must be clearly delineated.  Reviewers will consider how well the investigator demonstrates knowledge and capability in the proposed area of research.  The proposals must be consistent with the USDA-NIFA mission areas, e.g., agriculture, rural communities, nutrition, food, animal diseases, and/or natural resources.  All questions regarding proposal preparation should be directed to Marshall Martin (4-8365 or marshallmartin@purdue.edu).

Proposal Writing Tip:

Keep in mind that the review panel will be made up of faculty from diverse backgrounds representing departments in the Colleges of Agriculture, Health and Human Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine.  Proposals must adequately describe the justification for the work and the methodology to be used in a way that allows a diverse group of faculty to evaluate the merits of the project.  However, methods should be detailed enough to clearly demonstrate that the investigator has a well thought-out plan that clearly engages the graduate student in the research effort.  

Submission Guidelines and Proposal Structure:

To apply for an ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantship please complete the proposal form and send as an email attachment to cmburden@purdue.edu by no later than 5:00 PM, Monday, November 4, 2013. Notification from the review panel with written feedback will be shared individually with all who apply by mid-January 2014. This timing should help those of you who are successful in receiving an ARP Food and Agriculture Research Assistantship recruit a graduate student for the 2014 fall semester. ​

Email an electronic copy in PDF format to christyburden@purdue.edu​ by 5 pm on Monday, November 4, 2013.