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Tao, Weiguo ABCHM3M Nontenured Faculty Grant
Donkin, Shawn SANSCConsolidated Nutrition, L.C.
Huang, Chi-HuaAGRYLiming Research Program
Ohm, Herbert WAGRYWheat Genetics Research
Bigelow, Cale AAGRYPutting Greens Research
Smith, Richard SFSFood Science Research
Radcliffe, John SANSCAlltech Biotechnology Center
Linton, Richard HFSMulti-Sponsored/Research
Preckel, Paul VAGECCo-Editorship Of American Journal Of Agricultural Economics
Preckel, Paul VAGECCo-Editorship Of American Journal Of Agricultural Economics
Beyrouty, Craig AAGRYPioneer Fellowship in Plant Sciences for Christopher Boomsma
Johnson, William GB&PPAmerican Society Of Agronomy
Vorst, James JAGRYAmerican Society Of Agronomy
Vorst, James JAGRYTechnical Management of the International Certified Crop Advisers program
Buckmaster, Dennis; Ess, Daniel RABEEngineering Evaluation and Refinement of a Synchronous Granule/Seed Delivery System
Krupke, Christian HENTMKrupke - Entomology - Research
Manning, Michael ECESMOU with Ancilla College
Ileleji, Klein; Jiru, Teshome E; Maier, Dirk EABEEvaluating Energy Efficient Strategies and Product Quality for DDGS in Dry Grind Ethanol Plants
Ladisch, Michael R; Mosier, Nathan SLORREStarch-based Adsorbents for Molecular Sieve Applications
Schenck, Dave BCESArea 5 Educational Programs
Stewart, Terry SANSCSwine Breeding Research
Lopez, Roberto G; Dennis, Jennifer LHLABall Hort - Lopez / Dennis
Ejeta, GebisaAGRYSorghum and Striga Research
Lowe, Zachary EFNRVoluntary Support
Beyrouty, Craig AAGRYCorn Research
Johnson, William GB&PPMulti-Sponsored
Mickelbart, Michael VHLALandscape Architecture Research
Richmond, Douglas SENTMMidwest Regional Turf Foundattion
Richmond, Douglas SENTMEnhancing insecticide utility through incorporation of plant-stress-mediating compounds
Bhunia, Arun KFSShuttleworth North America
Beyrouty, Craig A; Mansfield, Charles WAGRYWinter Canola Trials in Southern Indiana
Mckenzie, Rita LFNRVoluntary Support
Bickham, John WC4EAssistance to the Integrated Environmental Monitoring Program of BP in Azerbaijan
Friend, Inger ECESDining with Diabetes Programs in Steuben county
Hall, Mark CBCHMUnrestricted Gift Fund
Dewoody, James AFNRReinhart,Benjamin,D
Keeney, Roman MAGECTruax,Tamara,M
Thompson, SarahelenAGECHadley,Tanya
Butzke, Christian EFSWine Grape Research
Mauer, Lisa JFSWirongrong Tongdeesoontornj-Thailand Benchfee
Adeola, OlayiwolaANSCDigestibility study on an improved Bacillus strain as additive for swine
Adeola, OlayiwolaANSCDigestibility Study using a Bacillus strain and an energy-reduced diet
Johnston, Cliff TAGRYMemorandum Of Understanding Between Dept Of Agronomy PurdueUniversity And Clay Mineral Society
Stroshine, Richard LABEMulti-Sponsored Gift Account
Haynes-Bordas, RebeccaCESAmerica Saves Week 2008
Adeola, OlayiwolaANSCDanisco
Adeola, OlayiwolaANSCPoultry and Swine Nutrition
Adeola, OlayiwolaANSCTo compare the effect of two different phytases on growth performance, ileal digestibility and retention of Ca and P ofbroilers fed a corn/soy diet
Niyogi, Devdutta SAGRYState Climatology
Applegate, Todd JANSCPoultry Research
Bressan, Ray AHLAD-Helix Gift Account
Holt, Harvey AFNRVegetation Management Right-of-Way
Ileleji, KleinABEIlleleji Unrestricted Gift Account
Ladisch, Michael R; Mosier, Nathan SLORREWhole-Plant Bio-Processing For Ethanol Production
Swihart, Robert KFNRZach Lowe - Vol. Support
Wang, ChangluENTMEfficacy of Proaxis GPC to ants and cockroaches
Wang, Changlu; Bennett, Gary WENTM11th amendment and estension of Agreement between Dow Agrosciences and Purdue.  Cancel 13th protocol and establish 14thand 15th protocols.
Bauman, Thomas TB&PPWeed Research
Johnson, William GB&PPWeed Research
Egel, Daniel SB&PPPotassium Management
Shaner, Gregory EB&PPWheat Disease Research
Weller, Stephen CHLAResearch Gift
Hoyt, Ronald WCESUrban Farm Project
Applegate, Todd JANSCThe Effectiveness of Ractopamine Hydrochloride on Growth Performance in Finishing Turkey Fed for the Last 7 to 14 days Prior to Slaughter - Hen
Applegate, Todd JANSCThe Effectiveness of Ractopamine Hydrpchoride on Growth Performance in Finishing Turkeys Fed for the last 7 to 14 Days Prior to Slaughter - Tom
Donkin, Shawn SANSCLiver Analysis Support Study
Wilson, Christina RDP AdminDesign of a Solution Formulation of Monensin and Analysis in Liquid Matrices
Watkins, Bruce AFSFood Lipid Research
Nivens, David EFSMulti-Spnsored
Clemens, James CBCHMDscam Mediated Control of Neuronal Connection Specificity in Drosophila ...
Adeola, OlayiwolaANSCEvonik Degussa GmbH
Williams, Ralph EENTMEntomolgy Research
Latour, Mickey AANSCBasf Corporation
Radcliffe, John SANSCBasf Corporation
Richert, Brian TANSCSwine Research
Vyn, Tony JAGRYAgricultural Cropping System
Talbott, Michael ACESAllen County After School Enrichment Program
Talbott, Michael ACESAllen County Extension 4-H After-School Enrichment Program
Lumkes, John HABEEvaluation of Truck and Fleet Performance of Biodiesel (B20)
Narsimhan, GanesanABEGanesan Narsimhan - Ag & Bio Engineering Research
Janick, JulesHLAHorticulture Improvements
Claeys, Matthew CANSCGeorgia Beef Board, Inc.
Watkins, Bruce AFSInternational Omega-3 Learning and Education Consortium forHealth and Medicine
Lowenberg-Deboer, James MIPIAAssessment of the future of Agricultural Activities in AMPATH
Doudareva, NataliaHLAFred Gloeckner Foundation, Inc.
Maier, Dirk EABEDevelopment of the GEAPS590 Fuel Ethanol Production Distance Learning Course
Maier, Dirk EABEGEAPS 540 Course Development
Dewoody, James AFNRDevelopment of DNA-based Sexing Assays for Lake Sturgeon
Sepulveda, Maria S; Nichols, Krista MC4EMapping the Condition of Diporeia Insights to Mechanisms ofDesigns
Keener, Kevin MFSMulti-Sponsored Gift
Mauer, Lisa JFSMulti-Sponsored Gift
Farlee, Lenny D; Mckenna, James R; Michler, Charles H; Woeste, Keith EFNRBlock Planting of Elite Walnut Families and Coppicing
Farlee, Lenny D; Mckenna, James R; Woeste, Keith EFNRHardwood Forestry Fund - Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center
Rhodes, Olin EFNRVoluntary Support
Handa, Avtar KHLAHeinz Project
Smith, Richard SFSSensory Evaluation Research
Graveel, John GAGRYTippe Wildlife Habitat
Graveel, John GBCHMGrad Support-Tippe Wildlife Habitat
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