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Mary Rice Farm Fund
In 1993, the estate of Mary S. Rice presented Purdue University with an 800 acre cash grain and mint farm in LaPorte County (in northwestern Indiana).  Her will and last testament specified that income from the farm be used to “further the study of farming methods and procedures.”  Based on this, issues to be addressed by Rice funding for 2016 will again place emphasis on the contemporary problems of agriculture and a primary component should include research conducted at one or more regional Purdue Agricultural Centers (PACs).

The excessive rainfall during the 2015 growing season adversely affected corn production at the Rice Farm but even with reduced yield of corn, at least $50,000 should be available for project funding.  Each request cannot exceed $10,000 and both individual and team proposals will be considered.  Funding priority will be given to requests for equipment acquisition which will support the research of one or more projects at one or more of the eight regional PACs.  Programmatic funding will also be considered, but given a lower priority.  Please indicate if other funds are available or can be leveraged to accomplish or support the request/project.  Proposals for specialized equipment must state how current equipment is limiting or how a new equipment purchase will enhance a research program(s).

NOTE:  The pre-award Center ( will work with each requestor in preparing a Coeus Budget and packaging the proposal ahead of submission to Jerry Fankhauser in the Office of Agricultural Research.  If an Extension Educator is submitting a proposal, please contact Debbie Clampitt, Extension Account Manager, prior to submission.  Also, a brief, but thorough report (see attachment) of any previous Rice grant funding must be completed and be submitted electronically (e.g. Word or pdf) to the Office of Agricultural Research before additional Rice funds can be secured.

Proposal Format:
• Descriptive title
• Objective(s)
• Duration
• PI(s) and others involved
• Clearly identify regional Purdue Agricultural Center(s) where equipment will be used or project undertaken
• Justification and Relevance - consider some of the following:
                    What problem/issue relevant to Indiana is addressed?
                    How will it be addressed?
                    How will this equipment/project make a difference in Indiana agriculture?
                    How will results be extended to Indiana clientele?
• Proposals should be brief and should not exceed 3 pages (1 inch margins & 11 pt. font).

Budget:  Maximum $10,000 per grant.  If salary for support staff is part of the proposal, fringes should be included in the proposed budget.  F&A should not be included in the budget.

Project Period:  February 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017

Due:  Friday, December 18, 2015 at 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) 

Submit to:     Jerry Fankhauser, Assistant Director
                     Office of Agricultural Research at Purdue (ARP)
                     AGAD, Room 116
                     Phone: 765-494-8368

Questions:    Email Jerry Fankhauser @ 
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