ANSC Departmental Seminars

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Faculty Position Interview Seminars

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ANSC Graduate Defense Seminars

  • October 8 - Christopher Muegge, "The Effects of Organic and Inorganic Selenium Supplementation during Late Gestation and Early Lactating on Cow and Progeny Performance" - 9:30 am in Lilly 3-113 (major advisor: Dr. Schoonmaker)

  • December 2 - Nathan Horn, "Investigation of Acute Stress Impact on Nursery Pig Gastrointestinal Function and Ability of Bioactive Components of Garlic to Mitigate Stress-Induced Physiological Changes" - 1:30 pm in Lilly 3-113 (major advisor: Dr. Adeola)

ANSC 681 Graduate Seminars

    Seminars will resume in the fall

Other Seminars of Interest

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