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Eli Lilly Merit Scholarship

Recipient must rank in the upper 10%. Recipient must have SAT > 1630 or ACT > 24 (combined math, verbal, and writing scores). Indiciate academic excellence in high school. Demonstrate involvement and leladership in high school activities. Clarify involvement and leadership in livestock, poultry, and/or animal product retail activities. Delineate professional objectives in the area of animal science. Renewable if student continues in department of animal sciences and maintains > 3.25 GPA.

Scholarship Recipients:
2002 - Anna Bennett, Sarah Fontaine, Robert Johnson, Kate Yegerlehner
2003 - Anna Bennett, Sarah Fontaine, Sarah Pence, Kristi Wilson
2004 - Anna Bennett, Sarah Fontaine, Lindsey Gordon, Kristi Wilson
2005 - Lindsey Gordon, Ashley Meece, Amy Neal, Martha Ullman
2006 - Erika Downey, Lindsey Gordon, Amy Neal, Lynn Pezzanite, Kelli Slack
2007 - Erika Downey, Stacey Enneking, Amy Neal, Lynn Pezzanite
2008 - Heather Bradford, Angela Gaesser, Amy Neal, Lynn Pezzanite
2009 - Heather Bradford, Angela Gaesser, Megan Hershey, Lynn Pezzanite
2010 - Heather Bradford, Cora Carter, Angela Gaesser, Megan Hershey
2011 - Cora Carter, Neil Dawson, Nathan Shireman, Shalyse Tindell
2012 - Cora Carter, Jennifer Clouse, Neil Dawson, Nathan Shireman
2013 - Jennifer Clouse, Neil Dawson, Kimberly Lutz
2014 - Jennifer Clouse, Neil Dawson