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Terry S Stewart

Animal Sciences 

  • Professor of Animal Sciences
LILY Room 3-234
915 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054

Area of Expertise: Breeding and Genetics, Swine

Education: B.S. and M.S., University of Florida; Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Visiting Professorships: University of New England, Australia; Waite Institute, Australia; McMaster Fellow, CSIRO, Australia

Research Program


ANSC 10600 - Biology of Companion Animals
ANSC 31100 - Animal Breeding

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News Releases

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Purdue's beef evaluation program receives 10,000th bull - Purdue News, May 2013

Indiana Beef Evaluation Program to hold bull auction - Purdue News, April 2013

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Awards & Honors

(2012) ASABE Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

(2008) Advisor award for National Society of Collegiate Scholars. National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

(2006) Outstanding Teacher in Animal Science 2006. Department of Animal Science.

(2005) Outstanding Counselor in Animal Science 2005. Animal Sciences Department.

(2000) Outstanding Counselor in Animal Science 2000. Department of Animal Science.

(1997) Distinguished Visting Scientist. Pig Research and Development Corp., Canberra ACT. Australia.

(1996) Sir Fredrick McMasters Reseach Fellow. CSIRO, Australian National Government.

(1995) Distinguished Service Award. National Swine Improvement Federation.

(1992) USDA Distinguished Service Award. United States Department of Agriculture.

(1989) Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Waite Agricultural Research Institute. University of Adelaide, South Australia.

Selected Publications

Hui, Y., Potu, R., De Almeida, V., Ragland, D., Stewart, T. S., Armstrong, A., . . . Ajuwan, K. (2013). Dietary fat content and fiber type modulate hind gut microbial community and metabolic markers in the pig. Plos One, 8(4), e59581. Retrieved from http://doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0059581

Stewart, T. S. (2011). Breeding Programs. In Cow-Calf Production in the U.S. Corn Belt (Vols. MWPS-66, pp. 145-152). Ames, Iowa: MidWest Plan Service.

Calbrix, R., Schinckel, A. P., Stewart, T. S., Herman, E., Helm, E., & Nielsen, N. (2011). Development of tools to study immune-mediated allergenic responses to food and feed. Designing Soybeans for 21st Century Markets. Ed. R.Wilson. AOCS Press, 239-252.

Spencer, K. W., Purdy, P. H., Blackburn, H. D., Stewart, T. S., & Knox, R. V. (2010). Effect of number of motile, frozen-thawed boar sperm and number of fixed-time inseminations on fertility in estrous-synchronized gilt. J Anim. Reprod. Sci, 121. Retrieved from doi:10.1016/j.anireprosci.2010.07.002

Welsh, C. S., Stewart, T. S., Schwab, C., & Blackburn, H. D. (2010). Pedigree analysis of 5 swine breeds in the United States and the implications for genetic conservation. Journal of Animal Science, 88, 1610-1618. Retrieved from

Tharp, N., Martin, T. G., & Stewart, T. S. (2010). Efficiency of Alternative Mating Systems for Cow-Calf Beef Production. Proceedings of the 9th WCGALP, PP1-53.

Purdy, P. H., Tharp, N., Stewart, T. S., Spiller, S. F., & Blackburn, H. D. (2010). Implications of the pH and temperature of diluted, cooled boar semen on fresh and frozen-thawed sperm motility characteristics. Theriogenology, 74. Retrieved from DOI information: 10.1016/j.theriogenology.2010.04.030

Schinckel, A. P., Einstein, M. E., Jungst, S., Booher, C., Stewart, T. S., & Newman, S. (2009). Development of a Stochastic Model of Pig Growth to Evaluate the Impact of Birth and 21 Day Body Weight and Potential Sorting Strategies on the Body Composition Growth and Lysine Requirements of Pigs. Professional Animal Sciences, 25, 663-688.

Stewart, T. S., Gunsett, F. G., Welsh, C. S., Spiller, S. F., Purdy, P. H., & Blackburn, H. D. (2006). Variation in Sperm Cell Quality in CryoPreserved Boar Seme. Proceeding of 8th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Productoin.

Stewart, T. S. (2005). Including performance records from crossbred siblings for genetic improvement. 8.