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Tamilee D Nennich

Animal Sciences 

  • Associate Professor of Animal Sciences
LILY Room 3-225
915 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054

Area of Expertise: Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Nutrient Management

Education: B.S., University of Minnesota, Crookston; M.S., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., Washington State University

Research Program

News Releases

Awards & Honors

(2013) IEEA International Award. Indiana Extension Educators Association.

(2012) PUCESA Early Career Award. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association.

(2011) PUCESA Team Award – Dairy Extension Team. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association.

(2010) PUCESA Team Award - Moldy Corn Team. Purdue Cooperative Extension Specialist's Association.

(2009) PUCESA Team Award - Purdue Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Team. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist's Association.

Selected Publications

Shroer, R. C., Nennich, T. D., Dennis, T. S., Schutz, M. M., Donkin, S. S., & Little, D. (in press). Intake and growth of prepubertal dairy heifers fed reduced fat dried distillers grains.. Professional Animal Scientist.

Nennich, T. D., & Hendrix, K. (2012). Determining a value for corn silage, 2.

Nennich, T. D. (2012). Drought and Nutrient Management Considerations for Dairy Farms, 2.

Nennich, T. D. (2012). Feeding distillers grain to young dairy heifers., 3.

Nennich, T. D. (2012). Forages and Feeding Dairy Cattle During Drought Conditions, 4.

Dennis, T. S., Tower, J. E., & Nennich, T. D. (2012). Effects of feeding hay and baleage on growth and rumen parameters in prepubertal Holstein heifers.. Professional Animal Scientist, 28, 648-656.

Nennich, T. D. (2011). 2011 Nutrient Management Record Keeping Calendar.

Nennich, T. D. (2011). Feeding Distillers Grains to Young Dairy Heifers, 1-3.

Nennich, T. D. (2011). Minding our P’s and K’s – Ruminant nutrition and the environment. Proc. 2011 Minnesota Nutrition Conference, 125-135.

Nennich, T. D. (2011). Phosphorus Nutrition and Environmental Concerns. Proc. of the 2012 Pacific Northwest Animal Nutrition Conference.