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Susan D Eicher

Animal Sciences 

  • Research Physiologist (Animals), USDA-ARS Livestock Behavior Research Unit
POUL Room 219A
125 S. Russell St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2042

Area of Expertise: Immunology, Behavior and Well-Being

Education: B.S. and M.S.E., University of Kansas; M.S. and Ph.D., Kansas State University
Post-doctoral Training: Kansas State University; United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service - Livestock Behavior Research Unit

Research Program

Purdue Center for Animal Welfare Science

Awards & Honors

(2006) Certificate of Merit. USDA-ARS.

(2005) Certificate of Merit. USDA-ARS.

(2004) Certificate of Merit. USDA-ARS.

(2003) Certificat of Merit. USDA-ARS.


Eicher, S. D. (2005). Animal feed composition and methods using the same. U.S. Patent No. 6939864. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Selected Publications

Eicher, S. D. (2006). Effects of lairage during transport o innate immune functionof swine. ADSA/ASAS national annual meeting.

Eicher, S. D. (2006). Age at Transport Effects on Behavioral Responses in Dairy Calves to Novel Stimuli. ADSA/ASAS national annual meeting.

Eicher, S. D. (2006). Animal Well-being and Dairy Production. ANSC444.

Harris, M. J., Pajor, E. A., Sorrells, A. D., & Eicher, S. D. (2006). Effects of stall or small group gestation housing on production, health and behavior of gilts. J. Anim. Sci., 102, 171-179.

Eicher, S. D., Sorrells, A. D., Cheng,, H. W., & M. M. S. (in press). Short Communication: Behavioral and physiological indicators of sensitivity or chronic pain following tail-docking in dairy cattle. J. Dairy Sci..

Sorrells, A. D., Eicher, S. D., Scott, K. A., Harriss, M. J., Pajor, E. A., Lay,, D. C., & B. T. (2006). Post-natal behavioral and physiological responses of piglets from sows housed individually or in groups during gestation. Journal of Animal Science, 84, 757-766.

Eicher, S. D., McKee, C. A., Eicher,, S. D., & Carroll, J. A. (in press). Supplemental vitamin C and yeast cell-wall beta-glucan as growth promotants and immunomodulators during an endotoxin challenge in weanling pigs. Journal of Animal Science.

Eicher, S. D. (in press). Effects of prepartum milking on postpartum reproduction, udder health and production performance in first-calf dairy heifers. Journal of Dairy Science.

Eicher, S. D., Scott, K. A., Kunkle, W. E., & Arthington, J. D. (2006). Commingling and transport influenceon behavior of small groups of calves. Livestock Production Science.

Eicher, S. D. (2006). Mucosal immune response to a prolonged stressor in pigs. Society for Leukocyte Biology 39th Annual Meeting.