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Michael Neary

Animal Sciences 

  • Extension Sheep Specialist
LILY Room 2-121
915 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054

Area of Expertise: Ruminant Nutrition, Sheep

Education: B.S., University of Nebraska; M.S. and Ph.D., Mississippi State University

Research Program


ANSC 24500 - Applied Animal Management - course website
ANSC 44200 - Sheep Management - course website

Extension Program

News Releases

Lambing School to provide birth-management training - Purdue News, January 2015

Extension specialist: Breeding soundness exams render better lambing, kidding seasons - Purdue News, September 2014

Purdue Extension Lambing School set for Feb. 8 - Purdue News, January 2014

Purdue Extension to offer sheep, goat educational seminars - Purdue News, November 2013

Purdue Lambing School to focus on sheep and goat health, reproduction - Purdue News, February 2013

Purdue Extension goat, sheep workshops to cover parasite control - Purdue News, June 2012

Social media tools reach out to sheep and goat producers - Purdue News, March 2011

Purdue Lambing School to cover critical production phases - Purdue News, January 2011

Goat and sheep management featured in workshop - Purdue News, October 2010

Lambing School offers hands-on training for producers - Purdue News, January 2010

Awards & Honors

(2003) Undergraduate Student Services Award. Dept. of Animal Sciences.

Selected Publications

Neary, M. (2007). Is My Sheep Sick?. Hoosier Sheep Industry Symposium.

Neary, M. (2006). Sheep Nutrition Programs for Beginning Producers. Illinois Sheep Telenet.

Neary, M. (2006). Parturition in Livestock, 10.

Neary, M. (2005). Starting a Meat Goat Enterprise. Hoosier Sheep Industry Symposium.

Neary, M. (2005). Parasite Resistance to Dewormers in Sheep and Goats. Indiana Sheep Tales, 12-13.

Neary, M. (2005). Lambing Time Management. Indiana Sheep Tales, 4.

Neary, M., & Neary, M. K. (2005). Management of Internal Parasitism in Sheep and Goats.

Neary, M. (2005). Progressing Through the Starting Phase of a Border Collies Training. The Working Border Collie, 4-6.

Neary, M. (2005). Getting Started with a Pup. The Working Border Collie, 9 - 12.

Neary, M. (2005). Starting a Border Collie on Sheep. The Working Border Collie, 4-6.