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Jeremy N Marchant-Forde

Awards & Honors

(2011) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(2010) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(2009) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(2008) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(2006) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(2005) Certficate of Merit. USDA.

(2004) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(2003) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(2002) Certificate of Merit. USDA.

(1999) Distinguished Junior Scholar in Residence. University of British Columbia.

Selected Publications

DeBoer, S., Garner, J., McCain, R., Lay jr, D., Eicher, S., & Marchant-Forde, J. (2015). An initial investigation into the effects of social isolation and enrichment on the welfare of laboratory pigs housed in the PigTurn System assessed using tear staining, behaviour, physiology and haematology.. Animal Welfare, 24, 15-27.

Zhou, Q., Sun, Q., Wang, G., Zhou, B., Lu, M., Marchant-Forde, J., Yang, X., . . . Zhao, R. (2014). Group housing during gestation affects the behaviour of sows and the physiological indices of offspring piglets at weaning.. Animal, 8, 1162-1169.

Bahls, M., Sheldon, R., Taheripour, P., Clifford, K., Foust, K., Marchant-Forde, J., Breslin, E., . . . Newcomer, S. (2014). Mothersäó» exercise during pregnancy programs vasomotor function in adult offspring.. Experimental Physiology, 99, 205-219.

O'Connor, A., Anthony, R., Bergamasco, L., Coetzee, J., Gould, S., Johnson, A., Karriker, L., . . . Dzikamunhenga, R. (2014). Pain management in the neonatal piglet during routine management procedures. Part 2: Grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations.. Animal Health Research Reviews., 15, 39-62.

Marchant-Forde, J., Lay, D., McMunn, K., Cheng, H., Pajor, E., & Marchant-Forde, R. (2014). Post-natal piglet husbandry practices and well-being: The effects of alternative techniques delivered in combination. Journal of Animal Science, 92, 1150-1160.

KilBride, A., Mendl, M., Statham, P., Held, S., Harris, M., Marchant-Forde, J., Booth, H., . . . Green, L. (2014). Risks associated with preweaning mortality in 855 litters on 39 commercial outdoor pig farms in England.. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 187, 189-199.

Dennis, R., McMunn, K., Cheng, H., Marchant-Forde, J., & Lay jr, D. (2014). Serotoninäó»s role in piglet mortality and thriftiness.. Journal of Animal Science, 92, 4888-4896.

Roth, W., Kissinger, C., McCain, R., Cooper, B., Marchant-Forde, J., Vreeman, R., Hannou, S., . . . Knipp, G. (2013). Assessment of juvenile pigs to serve as human pediatric surrogates for preclinical formulation pharmacokinetic testing.. AAPS Journal, 15, 763-774.

DeBoer, S., Garner, J., Lay Jr, D., Eicher, S., Lucas, J., & Marchant-Forde, J. (2013). Does the presence of a human effect the preference of enrichment items in young isolated pigs?. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 143, 96-103.

Abdelfattah, E., Schutz, M., Lay, D., Marchant-Forde, J., & Eicher, S. (2013). Effect of group size on behavior, health, production and welfare of veal calves.. Journal of Animal Science, 91, 5455-5465.