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Jon Schoonmaker

Animal Sciences 

  • Associate Professor of Animal Sciences
LILY Room 3-228
915 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054

Area of Expertise: Beef Cattle Nutrition

Education: B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.S. and Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Post-doctoral Training: Iowa State University

Research Program


ANSC 52400 - Ruminant Nutrition and Physiology 

News Releases

Purdue scientist: Distillers grains with calcium oxide improve cattle diets - Purdue News, November 2014

Early weaning, DDGS feed could cut costs for cattle producers - Purdue News, August 2012

Personal Information

Dr. Schoonmaker is married to Kimberlee and together they have three girls: Jenna, Amanda and Lauren. They also have four cats, a dog, three rabits, and they raise 2-3 sheep every year for the county fair. Jon and Kimberlee grew up in Wisconsin; he grew up on a hobby beef/sheep farm outside of Madison, WI. Dr. Schoonmaker likes to snow ski, fish, and golf. He coaches his daughter's soccer team, and is related to Tony Dow (Wally from Leave it to Beaver), but Jon has never met Tony. 

Selected Publications

Nafikov, R., Schoonmaker, J., Korn, K., Noack, K., Garrick, D., Koehler, K., Minick-Bormann, J., . . . Beitz, D. (2013). Association of polymorphisms in solute carrier family 27, isoform A6 (SLC27A6) and fatty acid binding protein-3 and fatty acid binding protein-4 (FABP3 and FABP4) with fatty acid composition of bovine milk. Journal of Dairy Science, 96(9), 6007-6021.

Schoonmaker, J., Korn, K., Condron, K., Shee, C., Claeys, M., Nennich, T., & Lemenager, R. (2013). Effect of decreasing dietary cation anion difference (DCAD) on feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, and beef tenderness. Journal of Animal Science, 91(12), 5762-5768.

Schoonmaker, J., Claeys, M., & Lemenager, R. (2013). Effect of increasing distillers grains inclusion on performance and carcass characteristics of early-weaned steers. Journal of Animal Science, 91(4), 1784-1790.

Schoonmaker, J. (2013). Effect of maternal nutrition on calf health and growth. Proceedings of the 2013 Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, 63-80. Retrieved from

Schoonmaker, J. (2013). Effects of lifetime nutrition on beef quality. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium of Beef Cattle Production, 155-179.

Nafikov, R., Reecy, J., Moody-Spurlock, D., Minick-Bormann, J., Knight, T., Koehler, K., & Beitz, D. (2013). Genetic regulation of milk fatty acid composition-developing tools for use in selection. FASEB Journal, (22(lb)), 695.

Saatchi, M., Garrick, D., Tait, R., Mayes, M., Drewnoski, M., Schoonmaker, J., Diaz, C., . . . Reecy, J. (2013). Genome-wide association and prediction of direct genomic breeding values for composition of fatty acids in Angus beef cattle. BMC Genomics, 14(1), 730-760.

Beitz, D. (2013). Influence of fatty acids on muscle and adipose tissue development. Journal of Animal Science, (86(E-Suppl 3)), 58.

Nafikov, R., Reecy, J., Moody-Spurlock, D., Minick-Bormann, J., Koehler, K., & Beitz, D. (2013). Polymorphisms in lipogenic genes and variations in milk fatty acid composition in Holstein dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, (92(E-Suppl. 1)), 45.

Nafikov, R., Schoonmaker, J., Korn, K., Noack, K., Garrick, D., Koehler, K., Minick-Bormann, J., . . . Beitz, D. (2013). Sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1 (SREBF1) polymorphism and milk fatty acid composition. Journal of Dairy Science, 96(4), 2605-2616.