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Candace C Croney

Animal Sciences 

  • Associate Professor of Animal Sciences
POUL Room 207
125 S. Russell St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2042

Comparative Pathobiology 

  • Dir of PUCCAWS/Assc Prof of CPB & AN SCI
  • Courtesy Associate Professor

Area of Expertise: Animal Behavior & Well-Being

Education: B.S., Cook College, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; M.S. and Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Research Program

Dr. Croney's research interests include the interactions between animal behavior, cognition and well-being; the effects of rearing environments and enrichment on animal behavior and welfare; the ethical implications of animal care and use decisions; and public perceptions of animal agriculture.

Purdue Center for Animal Welfare Science

News Releases

Taking on a Leadership Role: Purdue Ag scientists work for the good of people - and animals - Purdue Agricultures magazine, Winter 2013

Ag Forecast topic: Striking a balance in animal production - Purdue News, January 2013

Tips for sharing the science behind animal welfare - American Society of Animal Sciences "Taking Stock", February 2012

Selected Publications

Croney, C. C. (in press). Operationalizing food in agricultural sciences, touching on the ethical dimensions associated with assessing food quality and assurance programs.. In Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics.

Stella, J. S., Croney, C. C., & Buffington, C. A. (2013). Effects of stressors on the behavior and physiology of domestic cats.. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 143(2-4), 157-163.

Widmar, N. O., McKendree, M. G. S., & Croney, C. C. (2013). Valuing alternative agricultural systems: What do consumers perceive about different labels and where do they get their information?. Journal of Animal Science.

Widmar, N. O., McKendree, M. G. S., & Croney, C. C. (2013). Consumer perceptions of Production process attributes for pork and lunchmeat products.. Journal of Animal Science.

McKendree, M. G. S., Croney, C. C., & Widmar, N. O. (2013). An analysis of perceived obligations by consumers across animal species: Livestock, pet, or neither?. Journal of Animal Science.

Stella, J. L., Croney, C. C., & Buffington, C. A. (2013). Behavior and Welfare of Domestic Cats (Felis sylvestris catus) Confined in Cages. National Council on Pet Population and Society of Animal Welfare Administrators Research Symposium..

Stella, J. L., Croney, C. C., & Bufington, C. A. (2013). Do Cats’ Initial Responses to a Confinement Housing Environment Persist Upon Re-exposure?. Proceedings of the 47th International Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology..

Stella, J. L., Croney, C. C., & Buffington, C. A. (2013). Environmental Factors that Affect the Behavior and Welfare of Domestic Cats (Felis sylvestris catus) Housed in Cages. Proceedings of the Midwest Veterinary Conference.

Croney, C. C. (2013). Factors Impacting Public Perception of Animal Welfare and Animal Rights.. Proceedings of the Reciprocal Meat Conference.

Croney, C. C., & Pempek, J. A. (2013). Effects of Alternative Housing and Feeding Systems on the Behavior and Performance of Dairy Heifer Calves. Professional Animal Scientist, 29, 278-288.