Internship, Part-time and Career Opportunities and Services for Undergraduate Students

Your Agronomy Academic Adviser and other Agronomy faculty are pleased to be of assistance to you as you plan for and pursue internship, part-time and professional employment. Drs. Schwietzer (, ph 494-4789) and Bigelow (, ph 494-4692) are directly involved in supporting your placement efforts and will be glad to help you to be successful in the planning, search, interviewing and acceptance process. Both are located in 2-414 Lilly Hall. Please let us know how we may be of assistance.

BULLETIN BOARD - Key Events / Resources

Broad-ranging employment services are available at CCO through their website. The CCO staff also welcomes you to visit with them in Stewart 194 [Phone: (765) 494-3981] as you have questions or need assistance, on a walk-in basis or by appointment. The CCO staff will critique your resume, conduct mock interviews, help you to schedule interviews, assist you in posting your resume, assist in developing job search agents, and much more. Each year CCO publishes an excellent Career Planning Handbook. Resume, cover letter, thank-you notes, interviewing, optimizing the use of CCO resources, and much more are covered thoroughly in this useful resource. Please stop by to pick up a current copy if you do not yet have one.

CCO Express Website
Log in to CCO Express to check / update your resume(s), and to set up electronic job agents which initiate e-mail alerts when employers post positions which match the profiles you publish. At the CCO Express site you may also manage your interview appointment schedule, learn about workshops, and access the full array of placement services available to you through Purdue. If you have not logged into CCO Express in the past 6 months, please do so as soon as possible to reactivate your CCO account.



Selected Purdue Agronomy Internship, Part-time and Career Opportunities


Current Job Opportunities (Updated 02/14/14)