Crops Judging

2009 Crops Judging Team 


2009 Purdue Collegiate Crops Judging Team

Frtlft Phil Long,Mitch Hardy, Sam Ambrose (assistant Coach); Bcklft: Nate Brown (alternate), Trevor Perkins (assistant coach) Isaac Dorrel.
Past Judging Teams


Purdue Students participate in regional and national Crops Judging Contests each year.

Collegiate Crops Judging Team competes with other Colleges and Universities in three categories: 1) Weed, Crop and Disease Identification; 2) Seed Analysis; and 3) Grain Grading.  The Crop, Weed and Disease Identification involves a competition where students must identify 200 specimens representing mature weed, crop and disease mounts and their seeds. Weeds come from a list of Prohibited Noxious, Restricted Noxious and Common weeds. Crops are divided into Cereal Grains, Forage Grasses, Forage Legumes, Legume and Miscellaneous Crops.  Diseases include both plant and seed diseases.  Seed Analysis involves determining the purity of a crop sample by separating and identifying specific weed or crop additions to the sample. Grain Grading involves determining the grade of a crop sample based on the description of the sample and identifying diseases or foreign material found in the sample.  The value in dollars per bushel of a commodity is based on this grade.  A complete list and description of all parts of the Contest appears at the following link:​