Careers By Major

Agronomic Business & Marketing

  • Farmer/Production Agriculture
  • Sales (e.g. seed, chemical, fertilizer, ect.)
  • District marketing manager for an agricultural firm

Applied Meteorology

  • Meteorologist Climatologist
  • Satellite Data Analyst
  • Weather Forecaster
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Hydrologist
  • Program Manager for Federal programs

Opportunities to work with/in:

  • Academia as a faculty,
  • National labs and foundations as a scientist or program manager,
  • Defense industry with remote sensing expertise,
  • Media with broadcast expertise,
  • State and Federal government agencies such as USDA, US EPA, NASA, NOAA, and NSF,
  • Private consulting firms

Environmental Soil Science

  • Wetland specialist
  • Watershed technician
  • Hydrologist with Board of Health
  • Environmental technician
  • Soil conservationist

International Agronomy

  • International extension

Plant Breeding & Genetics

  • Working with all the major seed companies in all aspects of the seed industry
  • Working in Academia, engaging in classroom instruction and mentoring of students, and carrying out a wide range of basic to applied research including crop improvement for agronomic performance and for new plant traits
  • Research and international development in Government

Soil & Crop Management

  • State soil and water quality specialist
  • County agricultural agent
  • Farming
  • On-site evaluation
  • Crop consultant
  • Research technician
  • Conservation planner
  • County conservationist
  • Crop production specialist

Soil & Crop Science

  • Soil scientist for NRCS
  • Soil scientist, mapping and interpretation, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Research scientist


  • Golf course manager
  • Athletic field complex manager
  • Lawn and landscape maintenance business
  • Sod farmer
  • Golf course architect
  • Working with or for a Turf Industry Supply Company (e.g. mowers, fertilizer, etc.)
  • Turf research scientist regional turfgrass agronomist

Other Possibilities

  • Park Ranger with the National Park System
  • Law school with an emphasis on environmental law