Min Xu

Graduate Student

Department: Agronomy
E-mail: min.xu.4@purdue.edu
I am currently a Master’s student in soil fertility and chemistry under Dr. Brad Joern. I am working on the impact of application timing and nitrification inhibitor (Instinct™) on swine manure nitrogen availability to corn. This two-year field study was initiated in August 2011 on two sites in Central Indiana, and two additional field sites in Eastern Indiana were established in August 2012. One of the sites is the Purdue University Research Farm and the others are with farm cooperators. We hope to expand our efforts to understand how different swine manure application timing and the use of  Instinct™  affects manure N availability to inform farmers about N losses that are likely to occur when manure is applied at different times and help farmers more efficient at managing manure N. I am expected to graduate in May 2014 and will work in the area of coal mining land reclamation as a PhD student. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in China Agricultural University in Resources and Environmental Sciences.

Teaching experience

 I am actively involved in teaching during my study at Purdue and have been a teaching assistant for
·         AGRY 255/270 (Intro to Soil Science)
·         AGRY 365/365T (Soil fertility)
·         AGRY 465/560 (Soil Physics)