Alencar Xavier

Graduate Student

Department: Agronomy
Major Professors: Dr. Katy Rainey and Dr. Bill Muir​

Area of Study

Soybean Breeding and Statistical Genetics

Work Experience

Laboratory of Soybean Genetics and Breeding (Purdue)
Laboratory of Population Genetics (Purdue), KWS Plant Breeding (Betaseed, MN)
Laboratory of Potato Breeding (U of Minnesota), Laboratory of Small Grain Pathology (U of Minnesota)
Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Vegetative Propagation (UFSM, Brazil)
Laboratory of Soil Physics (UFSM, Brazil), Laboratory of Soil Conservation (UFSM, Brazil)

Past Education

B. Sc. Agronomy (2011) at USFM, Brazil


                Loyal F. “Pete” Bauman Memorial Fund - Support for graduate students in breeding and genetics 2014
    Wyman E. Nyquist Scholarship – Quantitative Genetics. Purdue 2014 Graduate Student Award
     Soy2014 Reg. Student Award – Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Soybeans, 15th Biennial Conference. University of Minnesota,      2014
     Scholarship for the Summer Institute of Statistical Genetics (SISG), University of Washington 2013