Brad JoernBrad C Joern

Professor of Agronomy

Phone: 765.494.9767
Fax: 765.496.2926
Office: Lilly 3-317

Curriculum Vitae
Area of Expertise: Soil chemistry, plant nutrition, nutrient management planning


Dr. Joern is a Professor at Purdue University, specializing in soil chemistry and crop nutrient management planning. He is the leading national authority in comprehensive nutrient management plan development and implementation, and his software, Manure Management Planner, MMP, is used across the United States for writing and implementing nutrient management plans. 


National leader in comprehensive nutrient management planning. Primary contact for the land application of livestock manures and industrial/municipal biosolids in Indiana.

Research Areas

Evaluate how sourcewater, drainage, P source rate and placement, and animal diet manipulations impact P loss from soil to water. Work with animal scientists to determine how diet manipulations impact the excretion of specific manure P compounds and how these compounds are sorbed by soil. Work with plant physiologists to determine the physiological and molecular response(s) of plants to N, P and K nutrition. Improve soil test methods for plant nutrients.

Most Significant Publications 

Barber, L.D., B.C. Joern, J.J. Volenec, and S.M. Cunningham. 1996. Supplemental nitrogen effects on alfalfa regrowth and nitrogen mobilization from roots. Crop Sci. 36:1217-1233.

Cox, A.E., B.C. Joern, S.M. Brouder, and D. Gao. 1999. Plant-available potassium assessment with a modified sodium tetraphenylboron method. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 63:902-911.

Sands, J.S., D. Raglund, C. Baxter, B.C. Joern, T.E. Sauber, and O. Adeola. 2001. High available phosphorus corn and phytase for pigs: performance, nutrient balance, and phophorus availability. J. Animal Sci. 79:2134-2142.


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Professional Experience

2000-present Professor of Agronomy
1996-2000 Associate Professor of Agronomy
1991-1996 Assistant Professor of Agronomy

Awards and Honors

2002 Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service Team Award
2000 Outstanding Teacher Award, Dept. of Agronomy
1999-2001 Associate Editor, Agronomy Journal
1999-2000 Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy Leadership Development Program Fellow (ESCOP)
1999-2000 Chair, Division S-11, Soils and Environmental Quality, American Society of Agronomy
1999 Nutrient Management Policy Service Award, Natural Resources Conservation Service
1998 Chair, Environmental Quality Research Award Committee, American Society of Agronomy
1998 Outstanding Teacher Award, Dept. of Agronomy
1996 Editor’s Citation for Excellence in Manuscript Review Award, Journal of Environmental Quality

​1993 Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service Team Award


B.S., Soil Science, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
M.S., Agronomy, Louisiana State University
Ph.D., Crop and Soil Sciences/Environmental Toxicology, Michigan State University​​