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Scott A Jackson

Awards & Honors

(2009) Advisory Board Chair. Genome Canada.

(2009) Honorary member. Gamma Sigma Delta.

(2009) Million dollar club. College of Agriculture.

(2009) Review and Advisory Panel. Generation Challenge Program.

(2008) University Faculty Scholoar. Purdue University.

(2008) Visiting Professor. University of Perpignan, Perpignan France.

(2006) 2006 Heyne Lecturer. Kansas State University.

(2006) Chair of International Soybean Genome Sequencing Project. International Soybean Genome Sequencing Project.

(2006) Member of the International Coordinating Committee. International Rice Functional Genomics Symposium.

(2006) Member, Soybean Genetics Executive Committee. soybean Genetics Executive Committee.