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Kenneth L Scheeringa


  • Associate State Climatologist

Selected Publications

Fall, S., Niyogi, D., Scheeringa, K. L., & [unknown] (2006). Indiana Climate Atlas.

Entmologystaff, O., Scheeringa, K. L., & [unknown] (2006). Pest and Crop Newsletter (2006). 1. Retrieved from

Nielsen, R., Gerber, C., & Scheeringa, K. L. (2006). 2006 Corn & Soybean Field Guide. Retrieved from

Niyogi, D., Scheeringa, K. L., & [unknown] (2006). Winter expected to blow in with early cold before warming up. Ag Communications. Retrieved from

Scheeringa, K. L. (2006). Planting Wind Farms in Indiana. Agronomy noon Extension IP series, 31 slides.

Niyogi, D., Scheeringa, K. L., Alfieri, J., Chang, H., Fall, S., Ming, L., . . . (2006). Activities of the Indiana State Climate Office. Agronomy Research Update.

Scheeringa, K. L., Niyogi, D., & [unknown] (2006). Online sources for climate data / Principles of atmospheric humidity (class lecture). AGRY 335 guest lecture, slides.

Scheeringa, K. L. (2006). Weather and Climate Observation Networks (class lecture). AGRY 335 guest lecture, 50 slides.

Scheeringa, K. L. (2006). Crop and Weather specialist update. biweekly Crop and Weather meeting. Retrieved from various web sites

Scheeringa, K. L. (2006). Weather Management ?. Hancock county Pest Management certification meeting, 49 slides.

Awards & Honors

(2005) Length of Service award (2005). Purdue University.