Water, Air & Climate

We are dedicated to understanding weather, water quality and quantity, and climatic variability and change, and the associated extremes which pose an enduring challenge in achieving global food security. Our program develops the understanding of these multi-scale changes using innovative studies that range from plant to global scales. Whether it is understanding how urbanization or agriculture intensification changes the environment, unearthing the link between hurricanes and droughts, or guiding how the future cities and agriculture systems should evolve to achieve economic and environmental sustainability, we are at the forefront of pursuing multidisciplinary, high impact research and developing future scientists, agronomists, practitioners and thinkers that can deliver global food security. 

  • Reduce Abiotic Stresses
  • Improve Air & Water Resources
  • Predict Resource Response to Climate​
Faculty in Water, Air & Climate
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Laura Bowling
Watershed Hydrology
(765) 494-8051

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Javier Gonzalez
Soil Health & Water Quality
(765) 494-6596

Richard Grant
Agricultural & Applied Meterology
(765) 494-8048
Dev Niyogi
Regional State Climatologist
(765) 494-6574

P. Suresh Rao (AGRY/CIVIL)
Soil Physics & Water Quality
(765) 496-6554

Ronald Turco
Soil Microbiology & Biochemistry
(765) 496-8077

Quinlai Zhuang
Biogeochemical Gas Modeling
(765) 496-6889