Selecting Hybrids and Varieties

Suggestions for using these results to select top-performing hybrids and varieties 

The results provide producers with an independent and objective evaluation of the performance of hybrids sold in Indiana .

  1. Use multi-year data in tables showing the two year averages.

  2. Use regional average data tables showing the current average across all locations. Consider single location results with extreme caution.

  3. Evaluate consistency of performance of the hybrids you are interested by looking them up in the Multi-state database. Use % of Best column.

    A. Look for hybrids/varieties that are consistently 92% or higher.

    B. Beware of hybrids that have up and down performance.

  4. Look at several other reliable, unbiased trial results focusing on consistency.

  5. Test hybrids on your farm. Try to get experimental numbers and put them in your test for two years. 

Remember you are taking a tremendous gamble if you make hybrid selection decisions based on one year yield comparisons in only one or two local test plots .