Agronomy Distance Education Courses


Agronomy Essentials


Agronomy Essentials is an online course developed and delivered by Purdue University, to meet the needs of companies in increasing the agronomy knowledge of their workforce.  Learners are provided science-based concepts and examples to equip them to understand soils, cropping systems, tillage, soil conservation, precision farming, plant nutrition and soil fertility, crop protection/pest management, crop growth and development.  Topics are arranged around the sequence of the field activities surrounding crop production and relate directly to the decisions that farmers and their advisers make.

Content is delivered in an engaging, professionally produced format that includes 100 HD videos accompanied by additional reading, graphics and online glossary to help illustrate concepts.  Content is arranged in 26 modules within six major units.  They are presented over a twelve-week period.  Students are tested on their mastery of the material via 5-point tests after each module. The course will be offered from June 24 through September 16 and again from September 30 through December 23, 2015.​  The course will take an average of 26 to 30 hours to complete.

Those who successfully complete Agronomy Essentials will receive a Certificate of Completion and 25 Continuing Education Units for the Certified Crop Adviser program.  The course also provides an excellent foundation of knowledge for individuals who are preparing to take the Certified Crop Adviser exams​.​​