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Name Title Phone E-mail
Abbott, Philip C Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4274 abbottpc@purdue.edu
Akridge, Jay T Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture 765.494.8391 akridge@purdue.edu
Baker, Timothy G Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4237 baker@purdue.edu
Balagtas, Joseph V Associate Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.4298 balagtas@purdue.edu
Baldos, Uris Lantz C Research Assistant Professor of Ag Econ 765.494.4304 ubaldos@purdue.edu
Barnard, Freddie L Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4242 barnardf@purdue.edu
Beaulieu, Lionel J Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.4277 lbeaulie@purdue.edu
Becerra-Perez, Luis A Visiting Scholar becerral@purdue.edu
Binkley, James K Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4261 jbinkley@purdue.edu
Boehlje, Michael D Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4222 boehljem@purdue.edu
DeBoer, Larry Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4314 ldeboer@purdue.edu
Delgado, Michael S Assistant Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.4211 delgado2@purdue.edu
Dobbins, Craig L Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.9041 cdobbins@purdue.edu
Doering, Otto C III Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4226 doering@purdue.edu
Dooley, Frank J Professor of Agricultural Economics
Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning
765.494.0615 dooleyf@purdue.edu
Downey, W Scott Associate Prof of Ag Economics 765.494.4247 downeyws@purdue.edu
Eales, James S Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4212 eales@purdue.edu
Florax, Raymond J.G.M. Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4300 rflorax@purdue.edu
Foster, Kenneth A Department Head/Professor of Ag Econ 765.494.4191 kfoster@purdue.edu
Fulton, Joan R Assc Dept Head/Professor Ag Economics 765.494.0594 fultonj@purdue.edu
Gloy, Brent Visiting Professor bgloy@purdue.edu
Gramig, Benjamin M Associate Professor of Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 765.494.4324 bgramig@purdue.edu
Gray, Allan W Director
Center for Food and Agricultural Business and MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management
Land O'Lakes Chair for Food and Agribusiness
Professor of Agricultural Economics
765.494.4323 gray@purdue.edu
Gunderson, Michael A Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.496.2010 mgunders@purdue.edu
Harrison, Gerald A Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4216 harrisog@purdue.edu
Henderson, Jason R Director of Extension & Associate Dean 765.494.8489 jhenderson@purdue.edu
Hertel, Thomas W Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4199 hertel@purdue.edu
Hillberry, Russell Assc Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4249 rhillber@purdue.edu
Hurt, Christopher A Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4273 hurtc@purdue.edu
Itakura, Ken Visiting Scholar kitakura@purdue.edu
Jiang, Linli Visiting Scholar jiang502@purdue.edu
Katare, Bhagyashree Assistant Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.7709 bkatare@purdue.edu
Keeney, Roman M Associate Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.4253 rkeeney@purdue.edu
Kim, Sounghun Visiting Scholar kim2408@purdue.edu
Langemeier, Michael R Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.9557 mlangeme@purdue.edu
Lee, John G Professor of Ag Econ 765.494.3285 jlee1@purdue.edu
Lowenberg-DeBoer, Jess M Prof of Exc Intl Entr/Prof of Ag Econ 765.496.3730 lowenbej@purdue.edu
Mandeville, Kyle B Limited Term Lecturer
Marshall, Maria I Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.4268 mimarsha@purdue.edu
Martin, Marshall A Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.8365 marshallmartin@purdue.edu
McNamara, Kevin T Professor of Agricultural Economics/Assistant Director IPIA 765.494.4236 mcnamara@purdue.edu
Mintert, James R Director of Center for Commercial Ag/Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4310 jmintert@purdue.edu
Paarlberg, Philip L Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4251 paarlbep@purdue.edu
Phillips, Rhonda G Professor with Other Appt 765.494.2929 phill132@purdue.edu
Preckel, Paul V Faculty Dir SUFG/Professor of Ag Econ 765.494.4240 preckel@purdue.edu
Quagrainie, Kwamena K Clin Engage Assc Prof Ag Econ/Fors & NR 765.494.4200 kquagrai@purdue.edu
Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob E Associate Professor of Ag Economics
Assistant Professor of Ag Economics
765.494.4260 jrickerg@purdue.edu
Sanders, John H Professor of Agricultural Economics 765.494.4221 jsander1@purdue.edu
Secor, William G Clinical Assistant Professor 765.494.8350 wsecor@purdue.edu
Sesmero, Juan P Assistant Professor of Ag Economics 765.494.7545 jsesmero@purdue.edu
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