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Holly Wang

Agricultural Economics 

  • Professor of Agricultural Economics
Krannert Room 611

Dr. Holly Wang joined the department in 2007, with her ten years of faculty experience from Washington State University.
Her research has been focused on agricultural risks, derivative markets, and crop insurance for domestic issues and food marketing and safety for international issues. Dr. Wang has advised over ten Ph.D students whom are now faculty members in major US and international research universities, and economists in the finance industry. She has taught Ph.D level courses in supply and demand systems, decision analysis, and marketing; Master level courses in econometrics and agribusiness marketing; as well as undergraduate courses in corporative finance and Chinese economy.

Dr. Wang has established herself as a known scholar in agricultural economic issues especially about China. She travels to China frequently and has developed a broad professional network. Dr. Wang served as past President of Chinese Economists Society ( in 2009, a US based organization focusing on the research of Chinese economic issues, and founding Chair for China Section of Agricultural and Applied Economics Association ( in 2010.

Awards & Honors

(2013) Advisor for Applebaum Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award. Food Distribution Research Society.

(2012) Outstanding Paper Award: Factors Affecting Crop Insurance Purchases in China: The Inner Mongolia Region. Emerald Literati Network.

Selected Publications

Wang, H. H., Karuaihe, R. N., Young, D. L., & Zhang, Y. (2013). Farmers’ Demand for Weather-Based Crop Insurance Contracts: The Case of Maize in South Africa. Agrekon (SCI), 52(1), 87-110.

Ortega, D. L., Wang, H. H., & Olynk, N. J. (in press). Aquaculture Imports from Asia: An Analysis of U.S. Consumer Demand for Select Food Quality Attributes. Agricultural Economics (SSCI).

Wang, H. H. (2013). Agricultural Risks and Risk Management in the Current Context of Chinese Economy. Agricultural Finance Review, 78(2), 245-254.

Ortega, D. L., Wang, H. H., Olynk, N. J., & Wu, L. (2013). Chinese Producer Behavior: Aquaculture Farmers in Southern China. China Economic Review (SSCI), 28, 17-24.

Luo, Y., Fang, X., & Wang, H. H. (2013). The Three-Party Game of Contract Farming: Low Contract Compliance Rates in Grain Transactions in China. China: An International Journal (SSCI), 11(3), 1-13.

Wang, H. H., Zhang, X., Ortega, D. L., & Olynk, N. J. (2013). Information on Food Safety, Consumer Preference and Behavior: The Case of Seafood in the US. Food Control (SCI), 33(1), 293-300.

Ortega, D. L., Brown, C. G., Waldron, S. A., & Wang, H. H. (in press). Agricultural Marketing and Food Safety in China: A Utility Perspective. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies.

Wang, H. H., Zhang, R. W., & Ortega, D. L. (2013). Chinese Food Safety Situation in a Globalized World Market.. Journal of Chinese Economics, 1(1), 114-124. Retrieved from

He, C., Quagrainie, K. K., & Wang, H. H. (2013). Determinants of Shrimp Importation into the USA: An Application of an Augmented Gravity Model. Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies, 11(3), 219-228.

Ortega, D. L., Wang, H. H., & Olynk, N. J. (in press). Welfare and Market Impacts of Food Safety Measures in China: Results from Urban Consumers’ Valuation of Product Attributes. Journal of Integrative Agriculture (SCI).