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Nicole J Olynk Widmar

Agricultural Economics 

  • Associate Professor of Ag Economics
Krannert Room 629

Nicole Olynk’s research and extension activities are focused primarily on farm business management and production economics. Much of Nicole’s work focuses on assisting with and providing support for agricultural producer decision making. She has a strong interest in applied research which incorporates both the economic outcomes of an on-farm decision and the intricacies of the biological processes underlying the production system employed. Nicole has a strong interest in inter-disciplinary research which provides support for on-farm decision making regarding technology adoption, analysis of producer costs and benefits associated with alternative production processes, support for management of purchased inputs, and providing insight into the implications of changing consumer demand and preferences for agricultural producers.

Nicole’s dissertation research focused upon the responses of agricultural producers to changing consumer demand for production process attributes. Her dissertation was a series of papers that identified consumer preferences for production process attributes in livestock production, provided insight for producer responses to verification of production process attributes, and assessed producer welfare implications of altering the set of production practices available for use.

Awards & Honors

(2014) • Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association (PUCESA) Early Career Award.

(2014) • Purdue University Faculty Engagement Scholarship Award.

Selected Publications

Davis, A. E., Unruh Snyder, L., & Widmar, N. (in press). "Assessing Students' Perceptions of Internationalization of Course Content." The Global Studies Journal.

Widmar, N., Wilcox, M., Yadavalli, A., Widmar, D., & Foster, K. (2013). An Overview of Indiana Animal Agriculture; Perspectives on the Beef, Dairy, Hog, and Poultry Industries.

Ortega, D., Wang, H., & Widmar, N. (in press). Aquaculture Imports from Asia: An Analysis of U.S. Consumer Demand for Select Food Quality Attributes. Agricultural Economics.

Gvillo, R., Quagrainie, K., Widmar, N., & Dennis, J. (2013). Are Midwestern fish retailers willing to pay more for regionally grown fresh-on-ice fish?äó�. Agricultural Sciences, 4, 39-45.

McKendree, M. S., & Widmar, N. (2013). äóìConsumer Perceptions of Livestock Products and Animal Welfare.äó�.

McKendree, M. S., Ortega, D., Widmar, N., & Wang, H. (2013). äóìConsumer Perceptions of Seafood Industries in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster.äó�.

Widmar, N., McKendree, M. S., & Croney, C. (2013). äóìConsumer Preferences for and Perceptions of Livestock Production Process Attributes: Animal Welfare and Food Safety Attributes.äó�. American Meat Science Association; 66th Annual Reciprocal Meats Conference.

Schinckel, A., Einstein, M., Widmar, N., Stewart, T., & Schwab, C. (2013). äóìEvaluation of sources of variation for the weight of 5 pork primal and subprimal cut weights. Professional Animal Scientist, 29.

Unruh Snyder, L., Widmar, N., & Barrientos-Blanco, J. (2013). äóìNutritional Quality and Cost of Pineapple and King Grass Forage Blends for the San Carlos Region of Costa Rica.äó�. Journal of Crop Production, 2.

Widmar, N. (2012). Assessing Changing Consumer Preferences for Livestock Production Processes. Animal Frontier, 2, 22-30.