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John G Lee

Agricultural Economics 

  • Professor of Ag Econ
Krannert Room 605

Dr. Lee primarily researches in the area of natural resource economics. His specialty areas include water resource economics, soil and water conservation policy, and assessment of agricultural and environmental risk.

His current research is focused on linking international trade and the enviromen. This work ranges from the potential impact of livestock diseases to multifuncionality in trade trade negotiations.

Dr. Lee teaches AGEC 200 "Introduction to Agricultural Economics," AGEC 604 "Fundementals of Welfare Economics," and AGEC 616 "Natural Resource Economics and Policy."

Awards & Honors

(2004) Outstanding Journal Article in the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Southern Agricultural Economics Association.

Selected Publications

Reeling, C., Lee, J., Mithcell, P., Halimi, G., & Carver, A. (2012). Policy Options to Enhance Aricultural Irrigation in Afghanistan: A Canal Systems Approach. Agricultural Systems, 109(3), 90-100.

Springer, M., Carver, A., Nielsen, C., Correa, N., & Lee, J. (2012). Relative Abundance of mammalian Species in Central Panamanian Rainforest. Latin American Journal of Conservaion, 2(2), 19-26.

Thurau, R., Carver, A., & Lee, J. (2005). A Spatially Explicit Approach to Economic Impact Assessment Modleing: Application in the Urban Rural Interface. International conference: Emerging Issues Along the Urban/Rural Interfaces: Linking Science and Soci, 235-241.

Paarlberg, P., Lee, J., & Seitzinger, A. (2005). BSE Trade Restrictions and Their Impact on Livestock and Products.

Frimpong, E., Sutton, T., Lim, K., Hrodey, P., Simon, T., Lee, J., & LeMasters, D. (2005). Determination of Optimal Riparian Forest Buffer Dimensions for Stream Biota Ladscapes Association Models using Multimetric and Multivariate Response. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 62(1), 6-Jan.

Paarlberg, P., Lee, J., & Seitzinger, A. (2005). Economic Impacts of Foreign Animal Disease.

Paarlberg, P., Lee, J., & Seitzinger, A. (2005). Economic Impacts of Foreign Animal Disease.

Paarlberg, P., & Lee, J. (2005). Economic Modelling of Livestock Disease Outbreaks. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 8(1), 62-77.

Lee, J., Paarlberg, P., & Bredahl, M. (2005). Implementing Multifunctionality. International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, 4(3), 216-231.

Paarlberg, P., & Lee, J. (2005). Import Restrictions in the Presence of a Health risk: An Illustration Using FMD. In The WTO and Technical Barriers to Trade (245-253). Cheltenham UK: Edward Edgar Publishing.