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Corinne E N Alexander

Associate professor Corinne Alexander serves as an Extension specialist in the area of grain marketing. Her goal is to assist farmers and agricultural businesses with the marketing of their grain both in commodity markets and in specialty markets.

Dr. Alexander received her Ph.D. in agricultural economics from University of California, Davis with fields in agricultural economics and resource economics. Her research generally focuses on interactions between members of the supply chain, with a particular interest in contractual relationships. Her current research interests examine how farmer’s production decisions interact with their marketing decisions. This includes several projects: a) farmer input buying behavior using Purdue’s Large Commercial Producer Survey, b) integrated pest management in on-farm storage bins where the farmer is under contract with a food-grade grain buyer, and c) comparing the technical efficiency of organic and conventional dairy technologies.

Dr. Alexander has two Extension programs. The first program focuses on price risk management and provides information about new marketing tools such as new generation grain marketing contracts. The second program focuses on marketing value-added products, with a focus on food-grade grains and organic products.

Awards & Honors

(2014) Mid-Career Award, Extension Specialist 11-20 Years' Experience. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association (PUCESA).

(2011) AAEA Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program, Individual: Less than Ten Years’ Experience. American Applied Economics Association.

(2011) Winner of Best Paper Competition. International Food and Agribusiness Management Association.

(2010) Managing Moldy Corn Extension Team. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association.

(2009) Early Career Award. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association.

(2009) Faculty Award of Merit--Extension. Gamma Sigma Delta.

(2005) Team Award. PUCESA.

Selected Publications

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