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Brigitte S Waldorf

Agricultural Economics 

  • Professor of Agricultural Economics
Krannert Room 572

Dr. Waldorf came to the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University in 2005. Prior to joining the Department, she held academic positions as assistant professor at Princeton University (1988-90) and Indiana University (1990-95), and as associate and full professor at the University of Arizona (1995-04).

 In her research, Professor Waldorf combines a topical interest in population, urban and transportation issues with a methodological interest in spatial and quantitative analysis. Among her research topics are immigration, regional demographic change due to migration and fertility, the growth of a knowledge-based workforce, the urban-rural interface, and access to health care. Together with Jacques Poot (University of Waikato, NZ) and Leo van Wissen (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute), she is co-editor of Migration and Human Capital (Edward Elgar 2008).

Throughout her career, Dr. Waldorf has regularly taught undergraduate and graduate courses on statistics and quantitative methods as well as on population issues. Currently she teaches AGEC 633: Advanced Topics in Space, Health and Population Economics and AGEC 691W: Global Issues in Health and Population Economics.

Dr. Waldorf serves on the editorial boards of the Journal in Regional Science, Papers in Regional Science, Annals of Regional Science and International Science Review.

Awards & Honors


(2010) The Effect of Macroeconomic Shocks on the Food Stamp Program. Kinley Trust.

Selected Publications

Beckhusen, J., Florax, R. J. G. M., De Graaff, T., Poot, J., & Waldorf, B. S. (2013). Living and Working in Ethnic Enclaves: English Language Proficiency of Immigrants in U.S. Metropolitan Areas. Papers in Regional Science, 92(2), 305-328.

Carruthers, J. I., Duncan, N. T., & Waldorf, B. S. (2013). Public and Subsidized Housing as a Platform for Becoming a United States Citizen. Journal of Regional Science, 53(1), 60-90.

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Waldorf, B. S. (2009). Is Human Capital Accumulation a Self-propelling Process? Comparing Educational Attainment Levels of Movers and Stayers. Annals of Regional Science, 43(2), 323-344.

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