AgEcon Student Prepares For Grand Prix

Like most students on campus, Kayla Peas (Senior, Agricultural Economics; Frankfort, IN) is excited about the kickoff of the last few weeks of spring semester with Purdue’s Grand Prix scheduled for Saturday, April 20th.  As the President of the 56th Purdue Grand Prix, she has had a very busy semester and is looking forward to the weekend!
As a sophomore, Peas got involved with Grand Prix as a Special Events Junior Board member.  She then applied for Senior Board and became Director of Promotions during her junior year.  Her peers then elected her to serve as the 2012-2013 Grand Prix President. As President, she supervises the Senior Board, oversees decisions, works with corporations to obtain sponsorship donations, corresponds with Grand Prix alumni, and lead the tradition of success of Purdue Grand Prix!
Peas states, “My favorite part about Grand Prix is watching the work of the Senior Board, over the entire year, come together with the signal of the checkered flag. I love being part of Grand Prix because, not only do I get to work with 10 amazing student leaders on campus, but I also get to be involved with an organization that has been a Purdue's tradition for 56 years.”  She adds, “Grand Prix is an organization unlike anything else on this campus. It has developed and refined my networking, selling, marketing, and organizational skills in a way that no other organization I have been part of has.” 
Peas Portrait
Peas at the beginning of last year’s race
Peas with 2013 Senior Board Members